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Oct 15, 2013
I've always been a forum person, never joined any social media sites. I'll really miss this forum when it's gone.

Is there ANY other forums to discuss digital pinball that we might all be able to gravitate to that are even remotely close to what we have/had here?

If anybody here wants to take over and manage a new forum for digital pinball there is Jcink Forum Hosting. It's free. Already belong to a couple of boards over there and it works quite well. It's the old school message board format just like here. Also want to echo what has already been said about this place. Really nice community here and it really shined when TPA was on top. Then came the podcast which is now Blahcade, been listening since the first episode! I was even gifted The Adams Family table on the PS3 version of TPA from a member here. Learned a lot about pinball and the digital recreations have been quite good. I've only played one pin IRL that being Sega's South Park. Still waiting for the new Zen stuff on Xbox Series S but I've never really jived with Zen's recreations. Maybe traffic would have picked up once Zen's new game hits the consoles but it does seem like it's the same tables we already got in TPA. So yeah I understand closing this place down but there is a free forum hosting alternative if somebody wants to do it!

Here's the link to Jcink:


Jul 7, 2012
Thanks very much for hosting Gord, shame to see it go!

Joined in the early days of TPA, only had a passing pinball interest at that time.
Used to love seeing the speculation threads on what would be coming next, interviews with Bobby, learnt so much, some of the things that spring to mind also as a result of this board was - attending Pinball events in the UK, went to pinball hall of fame in Vegas etc.
Have this forumn to thank for that, so really grateful.


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Aug 2, 2013
Thanks Gord it’s been a lot of fun. Things have been really messed up around the world. Keep focused on family and friends. Best wishes for all.


Feb 8, 2014
Sad to see the forum go, but a big Thanks! to Gord and all the mods. This was a fun, informative, and positive community during a great era for digital pinball. Big Thanks! to all the active community members over the years too for keeping the conversations interesting.


Apr 18, 2013
Thanks for all the fun and take care everyone, and who knows, maybe pinball will once again become popular again in a digital form.........see you all out there.


Nov 11, 2012
Yes, thank you all who are and were involved to make this forum happen. Maybe when Pinball FX becomes a smash hit, a forum like this will open again. I remember the good old days when Farsight released a new pack regularly and everybody was jumping on it and talking about it. Those were the days. But it's true, if you're on PS4 or Switch, there isn't really much to talk about these days.

It would be great if this forum could be archived somewhere for posterity.


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Jul 31, 2014
It's sad the forum will be gone. But there is no surprise: at least for a Mac user, there is no more. Dunno about other platforms. And the wish to play real pinball is almost gone.

One pinball repair guy told me that when people are visiting his basement, they *all* want to play, but none want to insert a coin. Huumpf!


Mar 25, 2013
If anyone is interested in saving threads it looks like in Edge browser you literally just need to go into a thread, right-click, and save the page. It'll save all the comments and images. Might be like that for other browsers too but worked so well in Edge I didn't need to look elsewhere.

I had created a few image heavy threads covering the various pinball expos and retocades around the Chicago area I had wanted to save. And now that I moved far away from the Chicago area these threads are even more precious to me. Plus I haven't been to any type of pinball expo since Covid hit so it's got me fired up to go to the ones around here.

Here's a few of my retro threads covering these places:

Vintage Flipper World may not last too many more years as rumors of a buyout of the land is going around. Wanted to go this year but just couldn't make it happen. Will truly miss that place if it goes. Best pinball experience ever.
Level 257 doesn't exist anymore but think the location is still there under a different ownership
Underground Retrocade is still there it looks like they added Black Knight: Sword of Rage and The Mandalorian.

Is there any other threads people are saving that others should save too? A good thread to show how the community was at its peak, warts and all?


Mar 15, 2012
Thank you very much for all the things digital pinball! I was just a lurker for the most part over the last 10 years, but I enjoyed my time here very much!


May 13, 2014
8 Years a member on here, great feedback from users. Seen some of the names on here playing on xbox. Goodbye and thanks.


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May 31, 2012
Thanks to Gord, FarSight, and all the forum members that made this such a cool place to hangout and talk pinball. We had a lot of fun, and that’s not easy to find in this world today. It was a great ride. I will miss y’all. :)


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Sep 27, 2012
thanks gord, thanks mods, and most of all, thanks to all the members.

there was a time i would spends hours n hours on the forum and the chat room everyday. great times.
i have nothing but good memories about this place. i learned a lot of good information from here.
i really dont know what else to say, other than its sad to see it go.

take care folks.

be safe, be cool


Feb 28, 2012
Thank you for your work, Gord. DPF has been very inspirational and with tons of good advice - actually I'm gonna try to save some of the tips and tricks until the end of July (also thank you, contributors).
But since Farsight has abandoned pinball and Zen is managing it's own social media, maybe it's just time to move on.
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Feb 2, 2018
Can I also add my thanks to Gord and Everyone on here. I was always a lurker, but I've really enjoyed it and will be sad to see it go.


Jul 9, 2012
Starting the Last Week!

I would also like to echo what others have been saying here: Thanks so much to Gord, the moderators, and all the members for making this a great place to discuss Digital Pinball!

It's a shame that FarSight fell off the face of the earth after losing the Williams/Bally license; and then Covid plus the migration to a new platform slowed updates from Zen to a trickle for two years.
That -- in my opinion -- is what really killed the Forum.

But it was *great fun* in its heyday!

Gord Lacey

Site Founder
Staff member
Feb 19, 2012
You're welcome everyone. It was a pleasure to provide a place for pinball discussion for so long.

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