Judge Dredd is a Bally game

Captain B. Zarre

New member
Apr 16, 2013
TBH it feels more like a Data East than a Williams. Lots of modes, a single multiball mode, a wizard mode that's just a points frenzy, and a ton of other similarities. It doesn't have the same appeal as, say, Twilight Zone, where you can stack modes on top of each other, or Indiana Jones WMS, where you can stack them up with multiball. It may be the designers personal preference but this one isn't one of my favorites.

Rudy Yagov

New member
Mar 30, 2012
Well technically the only REAL Ballys in TPA are Centaur and Xenon. Everything else is just Williams with a different label on it.


Active member
Mar 31, 2012
Does the moderator who sets this up get a kick out of torturing those of us that have OCD? Can someone please put this under Bally? Pretty please? There are enough tables under Williams. Bally needs more friends.

Gord Lacey

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Staff member
Feb 19, 2012
If you want results quickly, it's always best to email me, or send a DM, rather than post something on the forum hoping it will be noticed.

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