Bug Monstar bash issues:


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Jun 7, 2012
Several monstar bash bugs and issues:

1). Im not good enough yet to complete the wizard goals. I have handled the standards and am now ready to progress to the wizards goals, therfore i am requesting that you upgrade my skill level signifigantly.

2) i find the fun value of this table to be far to high. I have neglected pinbot seriously and she is hurt. I also havent played mideval madness this week as a result of being obssed with this table. Please dial down the fun factor.

3) a major bug related to points 1 and 2 is time. I find i am spending too much playing this table. Please enable the time freeze feature so that i may play for hours on end and not neglect less important things like bathing and eating and my kids.

4) another serious flaw is the monster bash multiball. It has far to many balls. Please remove all except one so that i can properly focuse on that one ball. Perhaps just a brief notice that multiball is enabled would be appropriate. This will also help with bugs 1-3 as noted above.

5) also i feel the graphics and interaction associated with this machine, including the band When they play on the scrolling display as well as the various notices of monsters and instruments being earned, are far to distracting and clearly a part of point 2. Please dull this table down signifigantly. I recomend removing all features besides the base of the table. This will allow us to shoot around the table unobstructed. Things like dracula appearing are also very distacting. He gets in the way from time to time and the ball hits him. He also moves and im never sure where he is thus causing further difficulty in avoiding him with the ball.

6) i need a divorce lawyer. Due to my inablity to ignore this table my wife left me, evidently a few days ago. If you could set up a kick start for my attorney that would be great. As i also need a roommate a 100 donation will get you a mention in the settlement and (dirty) bed to sleep in.

7)) in order to read this you need to have the sarcasium font on your device enabled. If this post dosent make sense please check the setting and try again.

Seriously, i never played this irl, but i am hooked on this sim. The ball physics are a bit twitchy comming off the right ramp (like a gun shot sometimes) but really love it!!! Well worth 4 bucks! Keep them comming...


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Apr 12, 2012
Ahh a comprehensive and accurate bug report. I've noticed these at times and thought they were just my imagination because they all happen so quickly. Can you post a video or a step by step on how to recreate them?


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Mar 29, 2012
Haha, yeah indeed. So many moan and ***** about Lyman's Lament... but the Moshpit Super Jackpot is far harder to get! It's the only one I'm still missing.


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Nov 28, 2012
Recently I got the wizard goal for monster mosh pit as well as Lymen's Lament in the same game, had been trying for quite some time to get those two.

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