Month Off


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Oct 8, 2015
All I know is ... is psychologically harmful to how players feel toward the fun of making the leader board.

How about when Farsight publishes another game, messes up TPAs leaderboards and doesn't realize it? Waiting a year to wipe away their screw ups doesn't sound encouraging to the <2% of players who play to win (earning a spot on the all-time leaderboards).

Go to switch to Safecracker and press the device button, it's still happening today since SternsPA release. A few other tables I mentioned too, 2.5 weeks ago.

I wont be playing for score until they straighten out their issues they always seem to have.
@relaxation: What kind of priority do the leaderboards have? There's no integrity to them when you fix major scoring exploits 4 months later and don't reset them.

Yes. We do have plans to improve the integrity.

Hope they prove me wrong with the 2nd Stern update.


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Sep 22, 2013
Farsight has been working steady every month for FIVE years. They need a break because working in a cross-platform environment, no joke, is stressful. I still think it's amazing to see actual "products" released every month.

Exactly. I feel like they deserve a little more credit than they receive.

This month "off" is long overdue and hopefully very productive for them.

I can't wait to hear how disappointed people are in what didn't get fixed.

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Mar 17, 2012
Personally i think they should take a month out at the end of every season to do house keeping.

On a side note i hope they finally get around to improving the graphics on S1 and S2 tables (please pay special attention to Monster Bash...those toy models ekkkkk) like they said they would be doing before they got this SPA license and everything went out the window.