Multiple Account Bans Coming

Gord Lacey

Site Founder
Staff member
Feb 19, 2012
We've noticed that a few users on the board may have multiple accounts, either for themselves, or for family members. We're instituting a new rule preventing people from having multiple accounts (it was frowned upon previously) unless they let us know the reason for the multiple accounts existing.

If you are a user who has multiple accounts (for whatever reason), you have until Wednesday, April 1 to PM me (Gord Lacey) with the usernames and the reason for having multiple accounts or the script that will be run will automatically ban all accounts. Also, accounts will be linked through the title on the accounts (such as ____'s brother) to let other users know the relationship.

So, you have a month to fix things on your end before they're fixed on ours. The forum is meant to be a community, and creating, or using, multiple accounts diminishes the community.

And for those worried that multiple accounts may have been used for skewing polls, don't be. There aren't enough of them to affect the outcomes of any poll.

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