Bobby Tribble

New member
Feb 2, 2014
I modeled a number of pinball cabinets for the free 3D Arcade program (spanner posted some pictures earlier, though those aren't my models) so I tend to notice this stuff I guess. I love playing Pinball Arcade on my new PS4 and the majority of the game is on the main playfield, so these are super minor things, and I ask that FarSight please focus their efforts on other things than my dumb quibbles. ;) Anyway on to the nit-picks... anyone have any others?

Keys in the coin doors - this isn't true of every cabinet but some of them have it. The source pictures probably came from collectors who just leave the key in the door, or maybe it happened to be in there when the picture was taken, but anyhow this bugs me. Now, it could be argued that the setting of the table in Pinball Arcade is "someone's house" so maybe I can justify it that way.

Giant bolts for the legs - actual pinball cabinets I've seen have a set of standard looking bolts that attach the legs to the main cabinet. The bolts that are modeled in Pinball Arcade are really huge. I'm wondering if this is some type of extra sturdy bolt that collectors might use? Has anyone else noticed this?