Bug [PS4 v1.23] Score over 1 million doesn't register


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Jan 9, 2015
In this video* it's clear that the game registers my 1,090,560 score as 90,560. The real score was not saved to the local high score board, nor to the online leaderboard that still shows my previous score below 1 million points as my highest.

I assume this is a bug, because looking at the leaderboards, at the moment there are 233 scores above 1 million, including 17 made on PS4. So what would have caused my score not to register? Has anybody successfully posted a 1 million+ score to the leaderboards and/or local high score list since the last update?

*) where, incidentally, I complete 3 wizard goals in 1 minute (or 4 goals in 3 minutes if counting the waterfall drop target special in the beginning that had already popped in the previous game) :cool:
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