Score 3 Super Jackpots Goal


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Jun 3, 2018
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Can any of you guys tell me exactly what's exactly required for the 'Score 3 Super Jackpots' goal on this table?

Do I need to earn 3 superjackpots in a single multi-ball, or just a single game?

Do I just start the multiball, and hit the Club Orbit over and over and hope that the ball takes the right slalom path each time?


Found a video of someone earning the goal. Based on the video, I assume it needs to be done like this?:
1. Keep shooting the slalom, until the ball trips the lit light.
2. After that shoot the left ramp to score the Super Jackpot.
3. Do it 3 times in a single game. He does it on a single ball, not sure if it's a requirement?

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Feb 15, 2018
That is my video.

1. Yes. But sometimes (quite usual) lane not registers when ball goes through. (bug)
2. Yes. You have to shoot into the Rip the Crud lane.
3. Cannot remember that but I don't think that you have to collect three super jackpots with 1 ball.