Bug Scripted ROM Sounds Overlap Each Other...Last Drop Target Hit Does Not Drop


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Feb 22, 2012
The ROM sounds need to be rescripted to where one sound playing cancels the previous sound. Only one sound should be playing at any given time. Also, when Gorgar speaks, all other sounds should be canceled as well. There should be no other sounds playing when Gorgar speaks. Gorgar's voice and his heartbeat seem to be completely absent on random games when playing consecutive games.

As for the drop targets, can you please script the last drop target hit to fall and stay hidden for at least half a second before all the drop targets reset.

Also, the sound sample that plays when you light all three top roll-over lights is missing.

Overall, still an excellent recreation and these improvements should make it even better.

EDIT : I removed the request to sync the lights at the top of the table to the heartbeat sound since I just verified on a real Gorgar that the lights at the top of the table flash at a constant rate no matter how slow or fast the heartbeat sound is pulsing.
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Richard Crockett

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Jul 8, 2012
Yeah, Being an old school pinball player (Started in the 70's) Gorgar is quickly becoming my favorite table in the collection so far. Don't get me wrong I love all of them but there is nothing like playing these older SS tables before DMDs. I've noticed all of these things as well and they really do distract from the experience. I remember dropping a lot of quarters into Gorgar and Black Hole when I was a teenager and how totally frustrating these older tables were. I loved it and it kept me coming back for more. It's great to have that experience all over again but it would be even better if Gorgar played the sounds properly. Those insta-spawn targets are really distracting as well. I hope they fix this soon.

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