Season 6 Wizard!


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Jul 16, 2013
Season 6 Wizard!

There seems to be very little attention given to the later seasons of this game so I thought I'd post some thoughts and videos about the Season 6 tables, and what it takes to achieve the Season 6 Wizard trophy. The video descriptions themselves include tips and strategy so I won't repeat a lot of that in this thread. There are 12 tables in season 6 and I have listed the tables in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest. You have to complete the wizard goals for ALL 12 tables in order to earn the Season 6 Wizard trophy!

Note: You can no longer purchase Williams tables if you have not already done so, but the trophy still requires them. :(

1. Jacks Open (Gottlieb) - Difficulty: 3
This is probably the easiest table in the season. Most people shouldn't have trouble with these wizard goals.​

2. Centigrade 37 (Gottlieb) - Difficulty: 3
This is one of the easiest tables in the season. Most people shouldn't have trouble with these wizard goals.​

3. Cactus Jacks (Gottlieb) - Difficulty: 5
The most challenging goal on this table is earning a 3.5 Million Point Bonus. This requires you to increase the multiplier to 7 and increase the fruit value to watermelon. Basically, you just have to proficient at keeping the ball in play. I don't have a video of this because I don't have any useful tips for this one.​

4. Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour (Alvin G. and Company) - Difficulty: 5
Really the only challenging wizard goal for this table is scoring a 200 Million Point Jackpot. This requires you to make 4 shots during multiball without holding balls on the flipper for too long. I don't have a video of this, but you should be able to get it with a bit of practice.​

5. Bone Busters, Inc. (Gottlieb) - Difficulty: 6
The difficulty on this table comes from the updated physics, making it somewhat difficult to lock balls for multiball. Fortunately, I found a repeatable strategy for earning that multiball special. I also included a video showing two skill shots in a row which seems a little glitched.
Collect the 3 Specials Multiball Award
Score two Skill Shots in a row

6. Indianapolis 500 (Bally) - Difficulty: 6
This table was not too bad. There was only one wizard goal that could give you some trouble, and that's scoring a Super Jackpot. I've included a video of this goal.
Score a Super Jackpot

7. Gladiators (Gottlieb) - Difficulty: 6
This table has two somewhat challenging wizard goals. Scoring an Ultimate Jackpot requires two shots within 5 seconds to the same ramp from an upper flipper. This is not so easy to accomplish, but starting multiball is easy so you have lots of attempts. The other challenging goal is earning the 20M Abyss award, simply because hitting the Abyss hole can be difficult. Fortunately, I demonstrate a method for being able to do this somewhat consistently.
Score a 20M Abyss Award
Score an Ultimate Jackpot

8. Swords of Fury (Williams) - Difficulty: 6
The difficulty on this table comes from the upper playfield requirements. Earning a MAGIC Special requires you to clear the upper playfield targets 7 times to light special. It can be challenging to get the ball to the upper playfield because the shots on the table just feel a bit off. Unfortunately, I did not save any videos of playing this table.​

9. Frank Thomas' Big Hurt (Gottlieb) - Difficulty: 7
This table has a few challenging wizard goals. One goal requires you to make 9 shots in 20 seconds to fill your all star roster, and the other goal requires you to collect 30 baseball cards by hitting a very challenging hole repeatedly. I've included videos for both of these goals.
Fill the All-Star Roster
Score a Double Super Jackpot

10. Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally) - Difficulty: 7
This table isn't too bad once you understand the general strategy, but you have to be able to keep the ball in play! It's important to be able to hit the pool ball targets multiple times on a single ball in order to really build up your points for the 5 million point wizard goal. The other challenging goal can be earning 10 specials. I've included videos showing both.
Earn 10 Specials
Score 5 Million Points

11. Doctor Who (Bally) - Difficulty: 8.5
I found this table to be very frustrating. Scoring a 300M Davros Jackpot is by far the most challenging goal on the table, and nearly in the entire season! It requires you to time your ever decreasing multiplier with the correct level jackpot because it has to be exactly 300 Million... It's completely possible to earn this one without even trying with some lucky timing, but I had not such luck when I accomplished it. I'm not sure why I didn't save video of this one, but it would be of little help anyway. The other goal some people might find challenging is 50 Cliffhanger Ramp Loops, but this is not really that tough of a shot. You'll need to get used to this shot anyway when going for the Davros Jackpot!​

12. Doctor Who: Masters of Time (FarSight) - Difficulty: 9
WHY OH WHY OH WHY FARSIGHT???!!! The reskin FarSight did for this table had some potential, but they really screwed up some important parts of it! They took away much of the useful display statistics (like what Jackpot value you are targeting!) and made the multiplier indicator cryptic at best... Scoring a 300M Missy Jackpot is basically the same as the Davros Jackpot on the original Dr. Who table, but harder! Especially since you are guessing which Missy Jackpot you are on (if you happen to understand the strange rules about Jackpot progression, and regression due to ball loss, etc...) and the multiplier indicator is difficult to visualize quickly. Good luck with this one. I did include a video this time...
Score a 300M Missy Jackpot

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, Season 6 Wizard!


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Feb 15, 2018
My order from easy to difficult:

1. Jacks Open
2. Centigrade 37
3. Eight Ball Deluxe
4. Indianapolis 500
5. Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour
6. Doctor Who
7. Swords of Fury
8. Cactus Jacks
9. Bone Busters
10. Gladiators
11. Frank Thomas' Big Hurt
12. Doctor Who: Masters of Time


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Jun 3, 2018
Working on all the tables right now, in the easiest to hardest order, I'll put the number of days it took me to complete each table, and see if your difficulty matched mine:

1. Jacks Open (0 days)
2. Centigrade 37 (1 days)
3. Cactus Jacks' (3 days)
4. Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour (6 days)
5. Bone Busters (3 days)
6. Indianapolis 500 (5 days)
7. Gladiators (13 days)
8. Swords of Fury (16 days)
9. Frank Thomas' Big Hurt (15 days)
10. Eight Ball Deluxe (2 days)
11. Doctor Who (5 days)
12. Doctor Who: Masters of Time (29 days)

Having now completed season 6 tables, here they are arranged in the order of time it took me to earn goals for each one. Overall tadigab's difficulty ranking seems to be closer to what I experienced. In particular Eight Ball Deluxe and original Doctor Who ended up being much easier than predicted.

  1. Jacks Open (0 days)
  2. Centigrade 37 (1 days)
  3. Eight Ball Deluxe (2 days)
  4. Cactus Jacks' (3 days)
  5. Bone Busters (3 days)
  6. Indianapolis 500 (5 days)
  7. Doctor Who (5 days)
  8. Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour (6 days)
  9. Gladiators (13 days)
  10. Swords of Fury (16 days)
  11. Frank Thomas' Big Hurt (15 days)
  12. Doctor Who: Masters of Time (29 days)

I'll throw in my tips as well:

Cactus Jacks': The best way to get the multiplier up is via diagonal shots from the left flipper through the bumpers. Before you shoot, you can adjust the lit bulb to be one step before you need it. You'll need that shot anyway for the Banjo Special. Here's me earning the 3.5M goal.

Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour: Once you score the first 50M jackpot it's ok to cradle the ball for more than 2 seconds (in fact it seems to be ok to cradle it even after it reaches 50M, before you score it for the first time). The stupid spinner on this table was annoying as ****. Luckily it would glitch every 10 games or so, and not spin at all during multiball. I was able to earn this goal on one such occasion (vid).

Indianapolis 500: Make sure you don't collect the Cow Souvenir goal during a mutliball. It won't count, and you'll have to start a new game. The best way to keep lighting up INDY rollovers is shooting left ramp, and then Lock while it's not lit. The ball will be fed to the left inlane every time.

Gladiators. Here's a vid of me getting the Abyss Award goal. Here's a vid of me getting the Ultimate Jackpot Goal. You can start multiball faster by taking advantage of plunger MULTI advance award. Simply release the plunger as soon as the top light is lit. When the balls are getting released from the crane, you may want to nudge the table a bit to get them to release separately (or shoot the second ball up the left ramp with a weak shot).
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