Bug Severely-extended Ultimate Challenge


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May 26, 2015
Already found a bug on Judge Dredd - I ended up activating Ultimate Challenge twice in one game, and for some reason, the second time I activated it, I had an invisible ball saver that lasted for around five minutes (you read that right - minutes). Ultimately, it allowed me to score almost a billion points just from that one UC, since every ball that drained during that time was just launched right back in. I think what may have caused it was activating it from the Sniper Tower off of a botched Skill Shot, i.e. the standard ball save was still active... The timing of the shot may have made the ball saver inadvertently carry over to UC, and perhaps a timer rollover made it last longer than it should have.

Can anyone confirm if this is a known glitch on the real table? Seems like a really massive game-breaker for it to have gone uncaught all this time.


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Oct 8, 2015
I do the links, until one is left
Started multiball, got the required jackpots and its saying I'm doing Ultimate Challenge get down to one ball play
Finish the last link, wait for it to time out
Ultimate Challenge lights up and I start it, get down to one ball play @250M (doesn't count though)
Ultimate Challenge is still lit I start it and it continues from 250M, one ball play @290M (doesn't count)
UC still lit.. start UC again and get up to 370M and drain.. says 370M UC in my EoBB
Next ball and UC was still lit. I start it again and get to 150M, back to one ball play and UC becomes unlit.

apparently mine is baked in, confirmed behavoir in an '06 post.
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Jun 17, 2012
I also had the extended second ultimate challenge mb but I don't remember how I started the mode. I was wondering if it would ever end!

Captain B. Zarre

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Apr 16, 2013
Another glitch I found relating to Ultimate Challenge: If you activate the 4-ball version of Ultimate Challenge you get from defeating death while the 6-ball version is lit, all the chain link features from that point on will be Ultimate Challenge, blocking out other modes from being accessed. However, this has been confirmed to be a glitch in the ROM software, not the actual game.


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Sep 19, 2013
I had this happen when I activated Ultimate Challenge the second time (this was activated through multiball after destroying all the judges). It seemed infinite, so I eventually figured to tilt it. I must have had it going for a few minutes, less than 5 though.

Tarek Oberdieck

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Jan 18, 2015
This ROM bug can be reproduced any time. Play all the Chain Links untill the Ultimate Challenge is lit. During the modes enable all three locks for multiball. Don't start the Ultimate Challenge, start the regular Multiball. If you're able to destroy all the judges this start an unlimited Ultimate Challenge tour. Every time the mode is over you can restart with one shot. This is the key for very fast good scores. I would build up the left ramp bonus during the Ultimate Challenge. Once I reached 250M per ramp...

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