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Jul 30, 2015
Ball will start "stuttering". This is when the ball starts looking like it is blinking really quickly instead of staying steadily in view, very weird. Caused me to lose the ball more than once. This has happened on MM, too, but very seldom. Not a big problem, but it is there sometimes. Seems like it might slow the travel of the ball down a bit when it happens too, not sure. I wonder if this has to do with being online.

Edit: this seems to make it where if you hit the ball with the flippers at the wrong time (on the ball disappear part of the blink or stutter) you miss the ball & it will drain, very annoying. If you can catch the ball & let things "catch up" the stuttering goes away. I guess I'm the only one that has experienced this looking at thread response. I'm going to look this up in Master Issues.

Edit: not in Master Issues, so this is likely a 360 bug, not a multiplatform bug. Happens quite often, seems like. :(

Edit: tried a search, not much on this, a reference or 2 & that's all. One guy mentioned it happening on his Ipad or something, but no 360. Bad little bug that really detracts from gameplay, sucks! :(

Edit: I might try playing offline to see if this still occurs. Will post any differences I see.

Edit: seems to happen more when you have Monster Modes stacked & a multiball going all at the same time. Still have not gone offline to see if this still happens, when I do will post results.

Edit: for some reason I'm having trouble getting to play offline, by that I mean not signed in to Xbox Live. So, I can't figure if this bug is from being online dragging on the ball movement or not. It happens, as I said, when you get a few different Monster Modes stacked & then start a multiball. Though I'm wondering if having this game on my hard drive & not on the console's memory has anything to do with it. Makes you lose the ball a good bit of the time when it happens. :(

Edit: Okay, played some offline. The ball still stutters, but seems a bit less. The thing that seems to get it stuttering the most is having a few Monster Modes going at once, especially when Ball & Chain is going, for some reason. I must correct my earlier statements of including multiball, I've noticed that the stuttering does not happen during multiball modes (I think) just when you get 2 or 3 or more Monster Modes going at once.

Now, I have the game installed on the console's internal hard drive, 320 gb one that I bought separate from the console. It is nearly full. My question to you all is, would this have an effect on gameplay? And, my advice to Xbox 360 users that get TPA is, install the game on the console's own internal memory, not the hard drive, just so you might not have this problem. As I've said, I've only noticed this on MB & MM.
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