Super Jets, what am I doing wrong?


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May 31, 2012
Throw the ball up into the bumpers until it starts to just loop around. Then start multiball. During the multiball ball saver let the ball drain so they will be returned back into the bumpers. Two multiballs might be enough to get you there doing this.
Does the PS3 still have the dead bumpers? If so, this might take even more multiball to get it.


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Aug 25, 2013
The emulation seems woefully inaccurate in Attack From Mars, particularly in regard to the bumpers (playing on the PS3).

The Table Goal of acquiring 100 hits on the bumpers over the course of one game is incredibly difficult because of this. I had about ten goes before I managed the goal, and I was trying to 'force' it (as I always have to do whenever I attempt this goal) i.e. - instead of playing the table properly I was purely going for one shot through the course of the game (the left and right orbits/loops that lead to the bumpers). In the end, I gained 2 extra balls, and had three multiballs started, and I only just managed to get the goal completed, doing it on my fifth ball during the third multiball.

The problem is that every time the ball enters the area with the bumpers, it's likely to come out without gaining a solitary bumper hit and often manages just one before entering the playfield. If you're lucky you sometimes get a paltry four hits. I think the most I've ever seen in one visit to the bumpers is seven. Which has got to be completely wrong.

Multiball is the only time it even remotely rattles around in there and even during that I was still purposely trying to fire the balls into the orbits towards the bumpers and ignoring the proper multiball objective. You can have all three balls jammed in between the bumpers simultaneously and often, they can STILL fall out with only a couple of hits on the bumpers gained between them, which is ludicrous.

On the real table, I don't think the designers would have set the required number of bumper hits to complete this mission as high as 100 if the ball would hit the bumpers as infrequently as it does in this recreation. As it is, 40 would be pretty hard to attain on this version.

Suspecting something was seriously amiss, I searched for a youtube video of someone playing the genuine table. Predictably, every time the ball is launched it bounces around the bumpers for ages (comparatively) racking up 10-15 hits most times before it comes into play.

I don't know exactly whats wrong but I'm sure the guys at FarSight would if they just tested it a little longer. Maybe the bumper strength is too weak? Or the angle of the table is wrong, or the bumpers are positioned incorrectly. It's something. And something easily rectified, I'd assume. To fix it, maybe the easiest would be for FarSight to simply increase the strength that the ball is rebounded from each contact with a bumper?

Since buying Pinball Arcade upon release (and each subsequent table pack as it became available) I've downloaded loads of updates/patches of 200mb or so each time, expecting this to be fixed along with other things but it never is. The fact that I completed said Table Goal after loads of attempts is irrelevant. For a start, how the heck can one achieve the final Wizard Goal that requires the bumper objective AND lots of other tricky ones to be done in the same three ball game? Highly unlikely. This table pretty much ruined unless this is fixed - because within each started game you should be able to complete the bumper objective and move on to others, and as it is, you just can't genuinely expect to.

This isn't a bug, it's just a plain and simple oversight and the worst part is that something like this makes me question every other table recreation across the whole Pinball Arcade project (As of writing I've purchased every PS3 table released in Europe up to Pin.Bot and Centaur) and it's really frustrating to think of the amount of things that is probably wrong across all these brilliant tables...I've noticed quite a few others that are less integral to gameplay than this, but I'm not going to start looking around this forum for them because I know the results will be even more depressing...

So, FarSight, please can't you just stay true to your goals laid out in your mission statement and start paying a little more attention to stuff like this? And FIX people's grievances in future updates. This brilliant project deserves nothing less!
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May 14, 2013
I play and love his table on both the PS3 and iOS. It's so much better on iOS due to the super jets and the fixed right orbit exit STDM issue.

Hopefully on PS4 we'll see faster fix implementation.

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