PS3 - Bug Table crash during Final Frontier


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Apr 3, 2013
Playing ST:TNG for the current KS tournament, a new and nasty bug occurs during Final Frontier:

- When the max number of balls are on the playfield (i.e. right after the Final Frontier has started, and all the balls are launched), the DMD crashes (yes the DMD, displaying a messed up image) and the table gets stuck (inactive flippers, but music continues). Game Menu is still available, call attendant doesn't work, you can just quit.

It's not the game that crashes, but the table itself in the game. Like a ROM crash.


I started another game, reached Final Frontier, and the DMD crashed again... But this time, it displayed something weird:

Testing 50023


Press "Enter" to test

As you can do nothing, the DMD finally enters in the attract mode display (highscores, credits), and the table is still stuck.

So I quit, and I started a game on STTNG, but outside of the tournament, and Final Frontier seems to work well (no crash in two games, except the camera gets stuck in plunger view each time a multiball starts).

The "ROM crash" seems to happen only in Tournament mode.

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