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Jul 30, 2015
Started playing this one. The most difficult, frustrating table I've ever played. Wailing on this one, can't even best the score I set on it months ago playing casually. The Electric Chair is aptly named as it is death, sends the ball to the outlanes immediately when you miss & don't get it in. SDTM abounds on this table & catching the saving nudge is tricky as hell, & you gotta be super quick on the flippers when you do the nudge correctly. Right flipper does not have the power for the Bear Kick Ramp, & not making it all the way up sends the ball screaming SDTM unless you can nudge just right, same for the bookcase area. Slingshot bumper hits mostly send the ball to the outlanes, nudging does not seem to make a difference. And Thing can screw you, though mostly he makes good shots.

And the magnets or whatever that crap is, is a major annoyance, adds to the difficulty but not the fun factor. Making a table challenging is one thing, going overboard with the difficulty is another.

Edit: I take back what I said about the right flipper. Since I posted that I've made several Bear Kick shots with the right flipper. :)

Edit: Okay, finally beat my high score. Turns out the table is not so hard, I just needed to learn the shots, something I forgot. I'm no wiz, but I'm used to getting a good score w/o too much effort. :)

I've completed no Wizard Goals so far, not one. Something to shoot for, I guess.
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