Took a long break from Pinball Arcade, I'm back, God I love this table!!


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Aug 10, 2013
Cannot get enough of Circus Voltaire, my favorite pinball machine in the world, I might have a little more fun playing Medieval Madness, but Circus Voltaire is such a beautiful looking game..

I don't own a single REAL PIN, my financial means are the main reason, but if I ever had a lot of money, I wouldn't have a problem dropping up to 20K on a high end Circus Voltaire.

I need to,hit the lottery tonight! LOL!

Top 3 Pins I wish I could own, #1 Circus Voltaire, #2 Medieval Madness, #3 FunHouse...

I've played a lot of the new stern tables on the real machines, why don't I find these new games nearly as fun or beautiful?


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Jun 4, 2012
maybe its the hipsters and overpriced watered down drinks? id say noslatgia and the the old arcade enviroment plays a bigger part that most people think....very few places have that vibe many things are tinted by rose glasses but pinball strangley enough weathers that storm just fine

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