TOTAN Timed Tournament Tactics and Strategies


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Jan 7, 2013
Last gold timed tournament I ended 4th place on TOTAN (178M). First place was 213M, probably using the same strategy.
Regular leaderboards show scores with billions, I don't understand.

My timed tournament strategy is mainly:
Try hitting the lamp for building it's score, during the first part of the game let any lightning lamp time out. Take mainly gems from the Bazar.
When two balls are locked hit the lamp till lightnig lamp start, shoot the bazar and choose 3x lamp.
Start multiball an mainly focus on spinning the lamp.
When multiball ends, I keep aiming for the lamp as long as it is in Lightning mode.
I will save the princess once, if I can. But lightning lamps later in the game (3x scoring via the Bazar) will score a lot.
So starting multiball a second and third time with lightning lamp x3 is a great thing :)
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Feb 9, 2014
Regular leaderboards show scores with billions, I don't understand.
well, regular leaderboards shows scores from PC also and TPA is A LOT easier (if not boring) on PC and you'll never achive those scores. Some people could probably finnish Diablo or Final Fantasy while those from top of TPA leaderboards would still play their game :confused:

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