TZ: Too easy = fail


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Jul 29, 2012
No, it's impossible with the multiball bug still not being fixed.

what multiball bug is that? I've been playing this table again for the tournament and I have no trouble posting scores in 4 or 5 billion range regularly, with PLENTY of moments of headslapping failure on my part. (my strategy is good ... my execution not so much!) several times, the game appears to get stuck after LITZ, zoomed in on the gumball or otherwise, but simply waiting 60 seconds has solved it every time. the only game-ending glitch I encountered was when I had a ball actually stuck under the upper right flipper at the end of LITZ.


The missing ball in either door mb or powerball mb. I saw that you drains those to avoid the bug. Maybe should try that but it doesn't sound fun.


Apr 12, 2012
Back to the original topic of this thread...

I know a lot of people find this table too easy but I don't. Due to their limited visibility, I just can't get the timing down on the two upper flippers and I struggle constantly with the upper right flipper frequently giving me really weak shots. The result is all the stuff that takes much effort to reach just ain't happening for me. Still, I did reach 1.3 billion for a new personal best the other night, getting LITZ for the first time, so it's getting better. But, yeah, the timing thing is really, really tough for me on this table (unlike all the others where timing isn't nearly as much a problem).


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Sep 27, 2012
I just can't get the timing down on the two upper flippers

for the upper left flipper, have you tried using the playfield artwork to help you out? there is a yellow cone shaped (fire trail?) that starts at the flipper and leads directly to the piano. I find that if I use this a a guide it usually helps me out.

also you can shoot the piano shot from a cradled bottom right flipper. just capture the ball and hold up the left flipper. shoot for the backside of the upper left flipper and it may bounce in the camera. not the easiest shot, but one that can be learned with some practice.


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Dec 1, 2012
The thing that makes this table so easy is the Left ramp-right ramp-piano combo. Master that and you'll get LITZ at least once every game.

It could also be faster like Whirlwind.


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Feb 14, 2013
The real reason this table is so easy is because it has the friendliest slot machine kickout ever.

It needs to be tweaked so the dead passing and traps are much less reliable. Adding some small randomness to either the strength, angle, or both for the kickout would fix this.

Actually there is a core problem with the physics with spin, and that's the real issue. when kicking out of a kickout like this, there's a random amount of minor side spin applied as the ball goes along the channel. THis is what makes the dead passes unreliable on real machines.

Also, the droopy flippers are making the slot machine and gumball orbit easier. i've never seen this game with droopy flippers on location. come to think of it, these droopy flippers are what's making the dead pass so easy.
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