WOW! I love Attack from Mars


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May 29, 2012
Over the months it has always stayed right up there as my main "feel good comfort food" table - the one where I automatically go to whenever I´m in the mood for some quick credits. Sometimes I even start it up without realizing that I automatically picked it.

I have to say, there are always tables that come and go, but this one is just THE table I picture when I think of pinball. It´s just super direct and to the point - very pure, you could say. It´s also extremely polished, I love the clean insert design in particular (the strong outlines and everything arranged to indicate the angles you´re aiming for!).

Sometimes I even just fire it up, bash two saucers, get the extra ball and quit to go back to whatever I was doing before. Or try for a quick 5-way combo, or start some multiball mode. Everything is just so satisfying and, well - fun.

There´s a ton of other tables I love as well, sometimes I´ve got a crush on this table, then on a different one... But AFM is always the one when I´m not in the mood for something particular. It also is generally a fantastic game to just polish my general flipping skills - passing, aiming, reaction times, stuff like this - thanks to it´s simple but appealing design.

(Though Cactus Canyon has been filling that spot recently a lot as well - going for some drop targets during work breaks is fantastic too!)
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Apr 12, 2012
This was one of the tables I looked forward to the most. I play it a lot as well. Even more now that I finally cracked big shot.