Hello Digital Pinball Fans!

A few months ago, site founder Gord Lacey, made the difficult decision to close these forums down. A few days before shut-down day, I contacted Gord and asked if he'd be willing to pass the site onto me, so that the site wouldn't have to be lost. He agreed, so DigitalPinballFans is here to stay! (Gord is happy to stay on as a moderator, so he'll still be around!)

My name is Grant. I've run a forum for 22 years (about perfume), but have always loved the arcades and spent much of my youth playing arcade games and pinball.

My main aim with DPF is to keep it online. There's so much digital pinball history that would be lost if it went away. The immediate plans are:

  1. Keep the Site Online
  2. Change the forums around a bit to more appropriately match where people play digital pinball now
  3. Keep the news pages up-to-date with the latest digital pinball news and (and any relevant general pinball news that may be of interest)

Later down the line, I'm planing to upgrade the software to Xenforo - which is more secure, works better on mobile, and is still being supported by its developer. Maybe I'll even make a new logo (Mainly so the years at art college didn't go to waste!)

Nice to meet you all -- feel free to ask me anything about me, plans for the site, or ideas you may have.

UPDATE: I've made a Twitter account for news updates about digital pinball and the site if you want to follow it, it's here https://twitter.com/digipinballfans
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