Zen have announced three new tables for Pinball FX: William's Whirlwind, and a Honor and Legacy pack with A Samurai's Vengeance + Verne's Mysterious Island tables.


Williams Pinball: Whirlwind​

Williams Pinball: Whirlwind is a fan favorite from the early 90’s, featuring an epic storm complete with thunder and lightning effects, spinning disks in the middle of the playfield, and a challenging gameplay to open the Super Cellar Door and achieve the Mega Door bonus. The table has also been remastered to feature table enhancements including 3D objects and animations.

Honor and Legacy Pack​

Honor and Legacy Pack, features new Zen originals A Samurai’s Vengeance and Verne’s Mysterious Island.

A Samurai’s Vengeance, designed by Zoltan ‘Hezol’ Hegyi, brings players on a journey of honor as a Ronin Warrior, where they must take down the evil Hyakki bandit clan to enact their vengeance upon the one who killed their Master.

Verne’s Mysterious Island, designed by Gergo ‘Rockger’ Ezsias, takes players on an adventure inspired by the work of Jules Verne to a remote island full of the unexplainable after a storm crashes their balloon. How will this party of heroes survive on this unknown island and for how long? Choose a character to help survive and escape this mysterious place.

You can see a video of all the announcements in the video below: