1. Zen add three new tables to Pinball FX, including William's Whirlwind

    Zen add three new tables to Pinball FX, including William's Whirlwind

    Zen have announced three new tables for Pinball FX: William's Whirlwind, and a Honor and Legacy pack with A Samurai's Vengeance + Verne's Mysterious Island tables. Williams Pinball: Whirlwind Williams Pinball: Whirlwind is a fan favorite from the early 90’s, featuring an epic storm complete...
  2. Jackport Records release limited edition vinyl duo featuring original scores from classic Bally and Williams games

    Jackport Records release limited edition vinyl duo featuring original scores from classic Bally and Williams games

    Jackpot Plays Pinball, Vol. 1 & 2 contains some of the most memorable themes from a time when music became as integral to pinball as the ball itself. This two-volume vinyl collection features a spectacular array of timeless hits from games including Black Knight 2000, Attack From Mars, Funhouse...
  3. Which Williams tables that were previously on The Pinball Arcade would you like next from Pinball FX?

    Which Williams tables that were previously on The Pinball Arcade would you like next from Pinball FX?

    So far, Zen Studio's have reproduced 19 Williams/Bally tables that were previously available on Farsight's The Pinball Arcade. So which classic would you like to see them tackle next? Speaking of tackling, we have omitted World Cup/Champion Soccer from the poll as Zen have given a few hints that...
  4. Zen Williams Pinball Volume 6 has been released

    Zen Williams Pinball Volume 6 has been released

    This brand new table pack contains 3 recreations from the era of alphanumeric tables. With Dr. Dude, Funhouse and Space Station we get some really interesting tables in our collection. We hope you enjoy them and give feedback about them in our forum. This pack is available on PS4, Xbox One...
  5. N

    OpenSource Williams Emulator: WPC-EMU

    I created a Williams WPC emulator that is running at https://playfield.dev/ (open source). I like the visual aspect of that and thats why I started the http://concealed-art.com/ project. I have NES art prints as well as Pinball related art prints at https://www.concealed-art.com/wpc-art. Hope...
  6. mystman12

    A free-to-play model that I feel could actually work for pinball.

    With the release of the Williams Pinball app on mobile, I was pretty disappointed. I have the game on PC and Switch so I'm not really missing out on anything, but I would have bought a few packs to have on my phone had Zen just made them available for a fair price. I still can't get over how bad...
  7. Vortexxx

    Williams Volume 5 - Table Wishlist

    I know Volume 4 has only just dropped, but I thought it’d be fun to see what everyone’s Williams table wishlist would be for the next Volume. Personally I’d love to see: Funhouse Cyclone Terminator 2 It’d also be remiss to not include Diner & maybe Indiana Jones ��
  8. Vortexxx

    iOS - Request Williams Volume 4 - iOS Availability

    Hi Guys, Apologies in advance if this has been posted elsewhere (a quick search didn’t turn up any answers). Does anyone know when the iOS version of Williams Vol.4 is going to be released? It seems a little odd that Zen would release all of the other platforms first, and delay the iOS version.
  9. Zacattack99

    WMS table preservation KickStarter

    One Idea I had going around was to have a KickStarter campaign to insure those 61 Williams and Bally machines will not leave. My question is will you pledge to keep those 61 tables intact? If so, how much?
  10. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Williams Alphanumeric (select two)

    Select your two Alphanumeric Williams machines you'd like to see come to TPA the most. I think mine would be Rollergames and Fire, with Bad Cats being a close third for me.
  11. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Williams/Bally DMD's (select two)

    What Bally/Williams DMD table, out of what's left would you like to see in the next season? You can select up to two options.
  12. R

    Request Williams Big Guns (1987)

    I think it's about time this machine got its own thread. In my opinion, this is one of the best System 11 tables that has yet to enter TPA, up there with Swords of Fury (which has been requested pretty frequently). For some reason, this game has been overlooked over the years, and never got...
  13. weirdproq

    Last 11 Williams DMD machines

    Vote which of the last 11 Williams DMD machines you'd wish would come to TPA (No Ticket Tac Toe because it is more redemption game than normal pinball machine). - you can vote up to 3
  14. R

    Classic tables you'd love to have added to the PS3/VITA Versions of Pinball Arcade.

    Here's my list of Pinball tables I'd love to see added to the PS3/VITA versions of Pinball Arcade: 1. Banzai Run (Williams, 1989) 2. F-14 Tomcat (Williams, 1987) 3. High Speed (Williams, 1985) 4. Firepower II (WIlliams, 1983) 5. Comet (Williams, 1985) 6. Big Guns (Williams, 1987) I grew up...
  15. MonkeyGrass

    Picking up Pin #2 tomorrow!! Williams Blackout - 1980

    So I was warned. Pinball machines are like rabbits - they like to multiply rapidly!! :D And indeed they do! After completing my Police Force resto, I stumbled across a listing for this 1980 System 6 machine. http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=317 Apparently, this one was built between...
  16. superballs

    Fish Tales - First Impression

    Ok, figured I would start this one. Where to start. Ok this is a fast table. Graphically, well it's kind of a mixed bag, the playfield and backbox look damn good, but the plastics look like crap. Otherwise nice geometry. I checked things out in the exploration mode and I'm pretty...
  17. F

    I can't find much fun when playing modern tables.

    Is it just me or there are more pinball enthusiasts who prefer older tables (especially Williams System 11 ones) over new ones. Whenever I play old tables such as Rollergames, Fun House, Black Knight 2000 I don't have to follow so many complex rules to achieve good score. I don't have any...
  18. Frostyglitch

    Williams Pinball Classics by System 3 (what?!!!)

    According to Major Nelson's blog, UK publisher and developer System 3 is re-packaging and releasing FarSight's Williams Pinball Hall of Fame on all the platforms. I find this to be a very odd move all the way around. Just when I thought FarSight was trying to build a brand with this new...
  19. E

    Williams System 11 owners please help!

    I've just bought a Williams Fire! pinball machine (system 11a) that was set on free play and working when I went to collect it but had to unplug the back box to get it through the door. It's all connected up again now but it's been restored to factory settings so I need to turn free play on...

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