April 19, 2013[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

Table Pack #13: White Water? and Space Shuttle? has just been released today for iOS, Android, and Amazon. You're going to love these two Williams classics! This update also includes iCade support for your iPad.

The Table of the Month is Attack from Mars?. You can once again play one of the greatest tables ever made and it's FREE!

White Water? (1993) is yet another awesome Williams table. It's a wild and fast-playing game challenging players with twists and turns down the rapids to Wet Willie's River Ranch. Beware of the flashing hazards shots! The playfield features a distracted Bigfoot and a Whirlpool that swirls the ball down.

Check out our White Water video on youtube:

Space Shuttle? (1984) features a fantastic space exploration theme. It was the first game to feature a playfield toy with a replica of NASA's Space Shuttle. With its great features and out-of-this-world gameplay excitement, this game is a once-in-a-millennium masterpiece!

We've recently discovered that some popular email domains (including hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com, att.net and aol.com) have been rejecting any emails sent from FarSight. We apologize for not realizing the severity of the problem- in the last few months there have apparently been a flood of people who never received the responses we sent to their customer support requests.

We are temporarily sending customer responses from a different domain until this issue is resolved. We are committed to exemplary customer service and we apologize if anyone got the impression we weren't listening! Thank you for being patient with us!

Bobby King was interviewed this week by Jeff Strong of pinballarcadefans.com and answered a lot of questions asked by our hard core players. You can check out the interview here:

Latest PlayStation News

We have begun the process of sending and re-sending Kickstarter voucher codes for our backers requesting the game on PS3 or PSVita. Table Packs 11 and 12 will be released soon worldwide! Stay tuned on our facebook page and the PlayStation blog (http://blog.us.playstation.com/) for the exact date.

Is that a PlayStation4 logo? You bet it is! Stay tuned for more details on what will be a new amazing version of our game during the upcoming months.

Latest 360 News

We are doing whatever possible to get the 360 version back on track! We continue to work with the bankruptcy court to get the legal issues with the 360 publisher sorted out, and we remain hopeful that we will be able to release all of the new tables on the 360 soon.

Due to the length of the delays, we are offering to switch kickstarter backer platforms to any platform we support. Please contact us at PinballArcadeStarTrekCodes@gma il.com if you'd like to switch platforms.

Thank you for your continuing support!

We've finally been greenlit on Steam!

We expect to have a new version of the Pinball Arcade available on Steam in a couple of months. Thanks for your patience and for your support in voting for us!

To celebrate, Kickstarter backers who selected the Windows version can expect to be getting a beta build of the Windows version in the next several weeks.

FarSight Studios is once again turning to you to decide a table to add to the Pinball Arcade.

Which Classic Stern pinball table would you like us to release first:
Catacomb (1981)

Flight 2000 (1980)

Galaxy (1980)

Meteor (1979)

Nine Ball (1980)

Seawitch (1980)

Star Gazer (1980)

Trident (1979)

Voting ends on May 1st, so be sure to place your votes before then:


We'd like to offer a big thank you to everyone in Texas and Milwaukee....

What a great turnout for these shows! A huge shout out for everyone in Dallas and Milwaukee for the Texas Pinball Festival and the Midwest Gaming Classic. We really enjoyed meeting and speaking with you. It's also great to hear that y'all really love our game :)

For more information on these great pinball shows visit:

Next Month's Tables - Can you guess?

Nice job on guessing Table Pack 13! The opposite day game was fun.

For Table Pack 14, we've got two greats for you; a Bally and a Williams. Back in the 80s, this Williams table outsold the Bally table by over 4 to 1 according to www.ipdb.org. But... don't discount this Bally classic, there's a good reason why it was a fan favorite.

Share your guesses on Facebook- we'll announce the tables in a couple of weeks!

As always, thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!

Please Contact us at Support@PinballArcade.com with any questions regarding our game.

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