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Table Pack #14: Centaur? and Pin?Bot? has just been released today for iOS, Android and Amazon. You're going to enjoy these two classic tables! This update also includes great deals on all of the tables we've ever released.

The Table of the Month is Cactus Canyon?. You can once again play one of the greatest tables, ever made, and it's FREE!

Centaur (1981) was the first table selected by the fans to be added into the Pinball Arcade! Features unique to Centaur include the blue Guardian Rollovers, which were the first to include Outlane control, directed by the flipper buttons and the Equitable Multi-Ball. Centaur's outlanes offer a unique feature allowing a well-timed nudge to save the ball from draining.

Pin?Bot (1986) is a brilliant design from industry veterans, Barry Oursler and Python Anghelo. Players are challenged to advance to all nine planets in our solar system before reaching the Sun. The playfield features the Robot Visor which can be raised revealing two eye targets for you to achieve Multi-ball.

Check out our Centaur video on youtube:

We have released two great Season One deals for everyone on mobile and PSN.

These are the Season One Table Pack and the Season One Pro Pack.

The Season One Pack costs $29.99. Bought separately, these 18 tables would cost about $50. For the serious pinball fan, the Season One Pro Pack, at $39.99, is definitely the way to go. Our Season One Table Pack includes; Medieval Madness?, Bride of Pin?Bot?, Cirqus Voltaire?, Funhouse?, Monster Bash?, Gorgar?, Creature from the Black Lagoon?, Black Knight?, Harley-Davidson? 3rd Edition, Taxi?, Elvira and the Party Monsters?, No Good Gofers?, Scared Stiff?, Big Shot?, Twilight Zone?, Star Trek: The Next Generation?, Attack from Mars? and Genie? with the bonus of the Twilight Zone and Star Trek: The Next Generation custom balls.

This Pro Upgrade gives access to the Operator?s Menu, allowing you to change default settings, the ability to move the ball around the table at will and a mode that allows you to have your camera travel around the table. Also, bonus tips on playing the table from IFPA pinball pros.

NOW AVAILABLE.... Season Two Table Packs for mobile

The Season Two Table Pack includes all of the tables from Table Pack 11 through Table Pack 20 as they are released throughout 2013 for the discounted price of $39.99.

The Season Two Pro Pack includes all of these tables PLUS all available Pro versions of these tables for the greatly discounted price of $49.99!

We realize that there are those of you who have already bought Season Two content that may want to take advantage of the Season Two Pack discount. We would like anyone who buys the Season Two Table Packs or the Season Two Pro Pack that has also purchased Table Pack 11, 12, or 13 to email customer support for a credit for a future Table Pack. Thank you so much!

We are honored to be included as part of Sony's booth at E3 this year. We will be showing an enhanced version of the Star Trek: The Next Generation table on PS4. With next gen real-time lighting and reflections, the Pinball Arcade is going to look amazing! Please come by and check us out if you're in town for the big show.

Latest PlayStation News

We are now offering the Pinball Arcade launch pack of four tables FREE to Plus subscribers! The launch pack of great tables includes: Tales of the Arabian Nights?, Black Hole?, Theatre of Magic? and Ripley?s Believe it or Not?.

If you?re a Plus subscriber and haven?t had a chance to try our games yet ? what do you have to lose? These machines are all classics. The deep, well-balanced and challenging game play is totally worth checking out.

*This is for North American Plus subscribers; there was an earlier release European Plus subscribers.

Latest 360 News

We continue to work with the bankruptcy court and Microsoft to determine the best course of action for the Pinball Arcade and our customers. We are getting closer to a solution.

Once the Xbox situation is rectified, we will be offering discount packs to get you all of the great tables we've released over these past several months.

We realize that this has been a long, frustrating process and appreciate your patience.

Thank you for your continuing support!

The results are in!

The voting to add a Stern Classic table was very close, but the winner was Flight 2000 narrowly edging out Seawitch.

Flight 2000 features three Lift-Off stages and a very cool maze-like ball lock system. Be on the lookout for this fun and unique Stern table, we'll be adding it to the Pinball Arcade later this year.

Check out this classic table on the Internet Pinball Database:

Congratulations are in order for the top finishers of our most recent tournaments!

Mobile (iOS and Android)
1 dylan_h 724.111
2 9u1d0 688.391
3 GLOTTIS 684.615
4 Inspector42 677.863
5 Carl 676.812
6 geohoo 675.835
7 maestroreese 675.696
8 Kaoru Maeda 675.640
9 Tripple I 674.974
10 pinballchris 674.196

PlayStation (PS3 and PSVita)
1 Jpelter 769.891
2 TOUGE_KILLER 704.837
3 ALOL997 699.059
4 observer101 690.061
5 heinz70 678.896
6 Zoop25 677.775
7 thepindo 676.490
8 bart4955 675.948
9 xjdcdestroyerzx 674.916
10 ScotchYeti 674.663

The top 200 finishers in both tournaments will receive the Twilight Zone and Star Trek: The Next Generation custom balls. The top 100 finishers will receive these balls plus the Eyeball.

Mobile winners have been given these custom balls automatically. Mobile winners simply need to log out and then back into their FarSight accounts to access them.

Custom Balls can be used on any table. To change your pinball to be a Custom Ball, select Extras from within the Options of any Table Menu.

We are working with Sony to determine the best way to get the PlayStation winners their customs balls. We will update you once we know.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

After being told that he was going to be Table of the Month, the normally cool Dr. Dude spun out the front door to the local tavern. Can you guess which two tables will be in Table Pack 15?

As always, thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!

Please Contact us at with any questions regarding our game.

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