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Pinball Arcade Newsletter #17 - Full HTML Version

Table Pack #16: Flight 2000? and Goin' Nuts? has just been released for iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Ouya, and Macintosh. We hope you enjoy these two great classics! Flight 2000 was the table that you voted for us to bring to the Pinball Arcade in the Classic Stern Poll earlier this year. And Goin' Nuts is one of the rarest pinball tables ever!

The Table of the Month is the fast-paced White Water?. For this month only you can play this table for free!

Flight 2000 (1980) was the first ever speaking Stern table! Flight 2000 features 3 ball multiballs, where each ball is launched through three separate "lift-off" stages. This takes place at the upper left of the playfield inside a maze-like ball lock mechanism.

Goin? Nuts (1983) by Gottlieb, is one of the rarest pinball tables in existence- it was a prototype that was never manufactured. Only 10 of these tables exist in the world! There are no outlanes on this very unique table, and your very first ball is a three ball multiball! A timer clocks down, so it?s not how many balls you have; it?s the amount of time left on your timer.

Check out our Table Pack 16 video on YouTube:


Thanks to the amazing support of the pinball community, WE MADE IT!! The Terminator 2 Kickstarter project has been successfully funded, and we have just signed licenses with both Studiocanal (for the Terminator property) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (for his voice and likeness in the table). This is all thanks to you, our dedicated pinball fans! This great Williams? table is a Steve Ritchie masterpiece, unquestionably one of the greatest pinball tables ever. T2 was the first table designed to have a DMD! It was the first table to feature a video mode and the first with a ball-firing cannon launcher. This table has great features, not only based on an awesome movie - it has Arnold! Thanks to the support of our fans, the Terminator 2 table will be coming soon to the Pinball Arcade!

Here are the latest interviews and podcast for the Pinball Arcade:






On July 13-14, 2013, The Pinball Arcade exhibited at California Extreme. California Extreme is THE "Classic Arcade Games Show", an annual celebration of coin operated pinball machines, video games and novelties, once found in original game arcades. We were able to bring along actual pinball tables, Monster Bash and Attack from Mars. The booth was happily packed with people playing both
the physical tables and their virtual reproductions in the Pinball Arcade.

As many of our fans have noticed, the Xbox 360 version of the Pinball Arcade is no longer available in the Live Arcade store. Our publisher for the 360 version recently emerged from bankruptcy and we'd been told that we would be allowed to immediately submit all of the unreleased Table Packs to our long-suffering 360 users. Unfortunately, Microsoft has elected to revoke the publisher's license agreement (which is why the Pinball Arcade is temporarily not available in the store). However, we have some very good news to share- Microsoft has just announced that indie developers (like FarSight) can now self-publish on Xbox Live Arcade instead of being required to find publishers for their games. This means we can bring the Pinball Arcade back to the 360 ourselves, and also opens the door to an Xbox One version of the Pinball Arcade in the future! Microsoft has stated that the new program will open in August- we will do everything we can to get the Pinball Arcade (and all of the new Table Packs) back on the Xbox 360 as quickly as possible.

PC Update

The version of our new Steam platform for the Pinball Arcade is now Beta! If you are one of our Kickstarter backers entitled to Beta access on the PC platform, watch your email for information on how to get access within the next few days. We are planning an August release for the Pinball Arcade on Steam with all of the current table packs available.

The Twilight Zone Special Kickstarter Backer Tournament has begun, the Mobile Tournament ends July 29th and the PSN Tournament ends on August 6th!

All players who place in the top 20% will receive the Season One Pro Pack on the platform of their choice which they can use themselves or "gift" to a friend. The top player of both the Mobile and PSN tournaments will receive The Season One and Season Two Pro Packs on their platform of choice. The Ultimate winner who scores the most points in either tournament will be rewarded with a special Twilight Zone backglass signed by the Pinball Arcade's development team.
We wish good luck to everyone participating in the special Twilight Zone Kickstarter tournament!

Table Pack 17

The next update will be a great one! The Table of the Month will be Centaur. The new release in Table Pack 17 has a pretty famous character on the backglass that shares a thing or two in common with Centaur, so we think this pairing is pretty cool.

Sorry, no picture to help you with this month's hint - our artists are all tied up in creating art for the PS4 version. They'll be baaack next month with a new hint pic. :)

As always, thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!

Please Contact us at Support@PinballArcade.com with any questions regarding our games.

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