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Pinball Arcade Newsletter #18 - Full HTML Version

Table Pack #17: Terminator 2: Judgment Day? has just been released for iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Ouya! Designed by the renowned, Steve Ritchie and based on the hit movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this table has several features that have become pinball standards.

It was the first Williams table designed to use a Dot Matrix Display and the first to have a Video Mode feature. It was also the first to feature a Swing Out Cannon that can be fired by the player using a specially designed Gun Grip Ball Launcher.

With its dramatic music score, staggering light and sound effects, breathtaking graphics and speech from the one and only Arnold, this table brings the thrills and suspense of T2 to life...and then some.

Thank you to the Pinball Community! You made this another successful Kickstarter.

Get ready for Judgment Day!

The Table of the Month is Centaur?. This great table is just for you, this month, for free.

Check out Table Pack 17 video on YouTube:

PS4 has announced their official release date of November 15, 2013. The Pinball Arcade is thrilled to be a launch title!

Check out this cool, new screenshot from Cirqus Voltaire.

PC Update

Terminator 2 beta testing will begin TODAY, Friday, August 23, 2013.
The PC release date remains the same as being in the next several weeks.

Star Trek: The Next Generation tournament for mobile devices and PSN has begun and ends on August 29th. The players who place in the top 20% will receive the Season One Pro Pack on the platform of their choice which they could use themselves or gift a friend.

The top player of both the Mobile and PSN tournaments will receive the Season One and Season Two Pro Packs on their platform of choice.

The Ultimate winners of the Mobile and PSN tournaments will receive the STTNG translite signed by the Pinball Arcade development team.

Congratulations to the winners of the Pinball Arcade's first Kickstarter tournament... The Twilight Zone!

VMethos ? 38,050,361,340 (See bio below)

The Mobile TOP WINNER:
jj ? 15,245,326,200 (See bio below)

The PSN Top 20% Winners:

2 Zoop25 33,762,887,810
3 Cyborg_1202 24,545,256,600
4 Pgh-Navigator 14,863,207,460
5 Rjpdx 9,784,500,810

The Mobile Top 20% Winners:

Cyborg 14,218,200,740
nonfamousd 10,510,196,280
luxmatic 9,823,167,130
karl 8,266,987,370
victorstulemeije 8,058,468,710
samuel lee 6,876,449,890
rjpdx 6,647,985,400
Pezpunk 5,595,676,630
Zoop25 5,435,083,080
rob3d 5,306,114,210
Dagmar 5,298,161,300
pudpud 5,253,011,730
philsh 5,058,957,650
ksmmspt 4,937,734,660
pinstym 4,503,078,640
shapesyay 4,408,906,730
The Manimal 4,286,871,960
Ninopus 4,145,363,460
SydyneBall 4,102,149,870
mta 3,988,751,800
famousringo 3,794,875,790
MoonJump 3,750,319,620
nonojin 3,324,124,130
pauloz 3,150,513,990
ernstcs 3,127,955,150
bowflex 2,985,941,680
Scotch_Yeti 2,948,414,880
WulfTown 2,854,366,270
J train 2,789,204,910
effceekaa 2,726,246,850
evster 2,660,373,650
FC Whiteman 2,659,557,600
PiN WiZ 2,599,658,710
Ace Pumpkin 2,587,890,800
Serenseven 2,577,776,980
OverSoftNL 2,597,348,300
therealjeffro 2,455,160,650
zatrite 2,445,504,570
Postal 2,417,259,110
DSLSpeed 2,363,883,060
stateworker37764 2,274,218,790
onestar 2,269,867,300
joaofrancisco 2,247,676,400
SpiffyRob 2,231,095,000
TonyzPony 2,220,504,530
Crooker 2,200,021,230
japharl 2,182,581,920
anotherguy 2,175,806,830
rufusdt 2,173,623,040
patrick 2,162,378,890
citizen_toxie 2,146,342,580
Dres 2,123,276,340
netizen 2,117,160,500
mr. monster 2,114,268,750

Winners' Biographies

Justin Johnson (JJ)

My name is Justin Johnson I?m a 20 year old kid from the Chicago-land area. My first pinball experience was at a local roller rink around the mid 90?s. Indiana Jones Williams 1993 was the very first game I played, I don?t remember much about it, but I do recall being interested in the awesome gun plunger and controlling a ball within a mini world in a box.

Growing up around my dad and grandfather, being gear heads, and interested in things mechanical, I took a huge liking to it. Sadly, the excitement and passion was lost and I don?t recall seeing anymore pin games during my childhood. It was around March 2012 when I had the idea to go to Gameworks with my girlfriend. I wanted to play arcade games and check out some simulators. We went and I saw pinball machines there I came back week after week to play more and I got the pinball itch that everyone talks about. I was hooked and started playing competitively a month later. I don?t currently hold a ?real job?, but I build miniature models of pins during the day to support my pinball addiction of playing a lot and attending shows and tourneys which get pricey. It?s literally EAT, SLEEP, PINBALL in my life now. I?m still only over a year old to this hobby and I have learned so much and met many great people through pinball. I needed pinball at home I couldn?t keep going out I wanted to play whenever and wherever I wanted so I searched the computer and the Android app store, found a couple good games, nothing really worth keeping. So I waited, then it was announced the creators of the Williams Collection multiplatform game would be doing a multiplatform pinball game releasing new games every month running real ROMs, I was ecstatic. I tried it on my phone I was hooked, saved my money and got a 10 Inch tablet just to play it on a bigger screen I, bought every pack as they came out. A few months later, we were informed that it was possible to obtain the license for the greatest pinball on earth, the Twilight Zone, but it would need some help to afford the pricey license. I jumped on it right away putting up as much as I could and spare enough to get me into the backer tourney though I love a bit of competition. Finally the backer tourney was launched just last month and I was confident in myself that I had learned the rule sets enough to get some really high scores. I wasn?t expecting to win the mobile tournament, but I had the determination to do it, I wanted a TZ translite every time my score got knocked down I?d start all over again sometimes putting in 2 hour games to be left with nothing to show for either internet connection issues or just almost touching a score. My final game ended at just over 15 billion it was posted the last day before the end of the tournament I timed it by how many Modern Marvel episodes played on the History channel it was over 3. I had played the TZ table for over 3 hours with no breaks, I even turned down eating my tablet likes to foreclose after an app has been paused for a good deal of time. I did it. I stayed at #1 and with thanks to the group over at FarSight Studios for such an awesome game and determination to digitally preserving these great classics for many to enjoy years to come and for hooking me up with a signed translite. I have promised myself if I had won the mobile tourney I would buy TZ as my first machine.

I?d like to give a few tips and hints here for people that would like to know how to get big scores on TZ. My first tip is to go for the three way combo shoot left ramp right ramp and then into the piano shot to collect your door panels continuously do this to start lost in the zone. I will never shoot for much more then this in a tournament setting. My next tip if you can do this right it will help a great deal. I build the town square bonus in the pop bumpers up to the max of 25 million shoot for the town square shot off the right flipper it will return to the right flipper from the slot machine trap it, let it roll back and down to the tip of the flipper. I shoot it at the right moment and go directly in. I have successfully done this over and over, raking up at least 4 billion from this shot it is dangerous if you miss it though. My last tip is to save up all your gumball load shots for one ball. In a game I would continuously shoot this shot, starting the Powerball load it back into the gumball machine to start Powerball mania during this mode try to collect many jackpots building up the bonus if you do this over and over you can build up a huge bonus I had 900 million at one point. Starting lost in zone on the same ball as this Powerball mania bonus will add it to your score adding a nice score and the ability to do it all over.

Patrick Fisk (VMethos-PSN)

Patrick Fisk lives just outside of Scranton Pennsylvania working in the accounting office of a large powersports retailer, North American Warhorse. As a child of the 80's, Patrick was an avid video game fan, growing up alongside the Atari and NES, during a time where the arcades were king. It wasn't until his teenage years, during the pinball resurgence of the mid-90's, when his interest in pinball began to blossom while playing tables such as; Bride of Pinbot, T2, and Star Trek: TNG at the local bowling alleys. The game that fully forged his love of pinball was Medieval Madness. In 2009 or 2010, Patrick found out about The Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection for PS3 which included a virtual version of Medieval Madness and has, ever since, been very interested in the work of FarSight Studios. Patrick's reason for donating to the Kickstarter for Twilight Zone was due, in large part, to the fact that Star Trek: The Next Generation was the stretch goal on the horizon, having fond memories of that table from his younger years. Patrick has enjoyed greatly the ability to play so many great real world pinball tables at home with The Pinball Arcade and looks forward to discovering and coming to know and love many more in the future.

The 3 key strategies that Patrick employed during his tournament high score attempts were:
(1) Focus on the 3-Way combo shot and get to Lost In The Zone (over and over) while avoiding points from the dangerous shots and bumpers during the various modes
(2) Work towards keeping extra balls in reserve from the Super Skill Shot (after each LITZ) and from "Lite Outlanes" (best when lit just prior to getting to LITZ)
(3) Bounce Pass and Trap. The kickout from the Slot Machine is very consistent and can either be trapped on the right flipper by simply holding the flipper up prior to the ball getting ejected or it can be trapped on the left by leaving the right flipper down and letting it bounce over to the left flipper to be trapped... setting up a backhand shot to the left ramp to start another 3-way combo.

Table Pack 18 Hint

As always, we thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!

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