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Pinball Arcade Newsletter #19 - Full HTML Version

Table Pack #18: Haunted House? and Tee?d Off? has just been released for iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Ouya!

Haunted House? (1982): was designed by John Osborne and is widely considered an iconic pinball game with its innovative features, beautiful graphics and haunting sound. This was the first table to have a triple level playfield that was accessible by one ball. The three playfield levels represent the cellar, main floor and attic of a haunted house. Players use eight flippers to move their ball through the three floors of spooky fun by shooting up and down ramps, tubes and trap doors that lead from one room to the other. Come inside, but pleased be warned, you?d best not play alone. 6,835 units of the table were produced.

Tee?d Off? (1993): Designed by Ray Tanzer and Jon Norris, this Gottlieb? table features a humorous golf theme and a mischievous gopher, reminiscent of the movie 'Caddyshack'. Players are challenged with completing rounds of golf in order to activate high scoring multi-ball modes. It has an extensive set of rules and great features such as the roulette Gopher Wheel, a Volcano up-kicker on the playfield and the animated gopher named Gunther, who sits on top of the back glass and shrugs his shoulders in sync with audio that taunts the player. 3,500 units of the table were produced.

The Table of the Month is Elvira and the Party Monsters?. This great table is just for you, this month, for free.

Check out Table Pack 18 video on YouTube:

Playstation 3

It's been a busy month for PSN players! We released Table Pack #16 with Flight 2000? and Goin' Nuts? and held our first PSN Tiered Tournament! Hopefully everyone has had a blast with the new tables and the Tournament!

To those on PSN who have been waiting, get excited for Judgment Day! Table Pack #17 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day? will be releasing on PSN in North America early October!


Are you as excited about the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade as we are?! Before the launch of the PS4 and our game, you'll have two opportunities to give it a test drive at some awesome conventions!

First of all, we're headed to the Pinball Expo in Chicago, IL from October 16th to October 20th, and coming with us is the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade! If you're in the area, swing by to get some hands-on time and check it out! Spoilers: It looks gorgeous.

Before the big launch of the PS4, we have one more convention we're going to be demonstrating the PS4 version at, and that's at Comikaze! We're going all out! Going on from November 1st to 3rd, we'll be at the Elvira booth, and with us we'll have both of the real Elvira tables from our studios! During that time, we'll be showing off Pinball Arcade on the PS4 one last time before we get it into the hands of all of our soon-to-be PS4 fans! Get excited!

Congratulations to the winners of the Star Trek: The Next Generation supporters tournament!


Cyborg_1202 - 59,335,737,730

(See bio below)

The Mobile TOP WINNER:

Pezpunk ? 108,973,217,240

(See bio below)

The PSN Top 20% Winners:

Canadian365 - 27,129,340,760
CDF12345 - 21,411,315,920

The Mobile Top 20% Winners:

jj - 91,073,286,330
Cyborg - 21,910,100,430
nigaromia - 19,610,451,690
karl - 19,104,990,950
BravowithCream - 14,365,407,590
SpiffyRob - 13,975,021,330
BrianDH - 11,787,086,760
Jazza - 10,525,487,900
nonfamousd - 9,923,768,340

Winners' Biographies

Dan Reynolds (Pezpunk)

I've always been a big fan of pinball, but I had mostly forgotten about it until my wife bought me "Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection" for the Wii some years ago. When The Pinball Arcade came out for iPad, I fell even deeper into the abyss and to make a long story short, my basement now sports lovely real-life examples of my two favorites from TPA: Star Trek: The Next Generation and Black Hole!

Steffen Reinhart (Cyborg_1202)

Hi! My name is Steffen and I'm a pinball addict. There, I said it. :)

I'm 42 years old and living near Frankfurt/Germany. I've always found pinball to be a fascinating and captivating pastime. I don't know why exactly... The lights? The sounds? The simple, yet ever so challenging goal of keeping the ball in play? Probably the sum of it all. Even as a child, if we were going somewhere and there was a pinball machine, I had to play it (even though I didn't really understand what was going on there - it just was so much fun!). My parents were usually happy to oblige as it was an easy way to keep me safe and busy at the same time.

Life went on and with almost no opportunities to play, my pinball passion was almost forgotten - when suddenly it came back in full force during my time in the military. There, I was introduced to two pinball machines which were soon to become my favorite tables ever: "The Addam's Family" and "Twilight Zone". Every single opportunity I got was spent to play the crap out of these two tables. And back then, won replays had real value... :)

Anyway, my time there eventually came to an end and I couldn't help but feeling a sense of loss. So I did, what every sane man would do, and bought a used "Twilight Zone" table, fixed it up, pimped it up and enjoyed it ever since... That could have been the end, but then: along came the "Pinball Arcade" - enabling me to relive fond memories and discover tables I never knew existed.

Ironically, despite owning the real table, I didn't win the TZ tournament... But, being a Star Trek fan, I'm more than happy with the TNG win. :) Thanks, Farsight!

Elvira and the Party Monsters is the Free Table this Month!​
...she's also bringing you your hint for Table Pack 19.

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