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Pinball Arcade Newsletter #21 - Full HTML Version

IGN 9.0 Review

"...the best version of pinball you're likely to play without setting foot inside a smoke-filled bar or lovingly polished collection."

"These tables have never looked better than they do on PS4, and the gameplay is authentic right down to the sound and pressure of each tables' flippers. The first table's free, so there's no excuse; this is a must to download."

Table Pack 20

Cue Ball Wizard? and El Dorado City of Gold? have just been released for iOS, Mac, Steam, Google Play, Amazon and Ouya!

Cue Ball Wizard? (1992): was designed by Jon Norris, who was also one of the designers of Tee'd Off?. This Billiards themed table features gorgeous graphics, outstanding audio and a deep set of rules with many different gameplay modes. Special features include an oscillating captive ball kicker on the elevated mini-playfield and a full-sized captive cue ball on the lower playfield. Behind the cue ball are two raised targets, which can only be hit by the captive cue ball. Approximately 5,700 units of this table were produced.

El Dorado City of Gold? (1984): You may find the gameplay familiar, but not the intricate artwork. This playfield was shared with its predecessors El Dorado and Gold Strike, re-themed as Target Alpha and Solar City, and licensed into international versions Lucky Strike and Canada Dry. After designing over 200 tables, City of Gold was Ed Krynski's final table for Gottlieb. 905 units of this table were produced.

Check out this footage of Cue Ball Wizard? in action!


Now that the Steam version is officially live, we hope you've been enjoying it! A few mornings ago, we woke up to an awesome review from the fine folks over at IGN, who gave our game a 9.0 out of 10 on PC and PS4, and received their Editor's Choice award! You can check the review out here:

Pinball Arcade Review - IGN

Now that the PC version is out in the wild on Steam, over time we'll be bringing you more and more updates to make it even more awesome! Portrait mode is now officially available in Pinball Arcade on Steam, so pop your favorite monitor into a Portrait resolution and change the resolution in the Configuration Utility.

Check out the new portrait mode!


Pinball Arcade for PS4 also received a glowing review of 9.0! We know everyone is anxiously awaiting it's arrival on the PSN store, and it's ready to get into your hands!

Pinball Arcade on PS4 is looking fantastic, with it's new table lighting and graphical upgrades, it looks amazing! Some of us in the office like the dark ambient lighting, making the glow of the tables feel much more distinct and warm, like we're actually playing in our favorite bar or arcade. When you get your hands on it, what's your favorite way to play?

You can expect the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade in December, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


As far as Tournaments go, we've introduced our first ever "Timed Tournament" that's going on now! It started on November 11th and will be going until November 25th. The objective of our new Timed Tournament is to achieve your highest score within the limit of 20 minutes!

Congratulations to everyone who managed to make they way up to Gold Tier! Keep fighting for those scores, everyone!

MOGA Controller Support

The Android version now supports the Moga Pro gaming controller! An option for two controller schemes has also been added to the table options menu to allow the user to swap the triggers with the shoulder buttons.

If you already have one, make sure your device is paired in B mode.

Table Hint

The table of the month is Whirlwind.

Here is your hint for the first table of Pinball Arcade Season 3!

Chicago Expo

If you haven't gotten a chance to check us out out you can listen to audio of Bobby King, Norman Stepansky and Jason Juneau giving their presentation the "Making of Pinball Arcade.".

Chicago Pinball Expo 2013 - PinballNews

Twitch Channel

Head on over to our new Twitch Channel! Starting soon, we'll have a schedule for streams of Pinball Arcade for people to jump in on! Follow us on Twitch to be notified when our streams go live!

Thank you very much for supporting the Pinball Arcade!

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