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  • Hey there... I worked in a Dave & Busters for about 3 weeks once, no pinball repair but plenty of those ticket games were always falling apart. I can't even imagine repairing real pinball machines... Anyway, I recommend you wait until the fall to visit the pinball museum, they have an entire 3rd floor with god knows what on it but apparently the A/C unit is broken up there and they aren't letting one go to the 3rd floor at all for health reasons. By the fall it should be cool enough outside that they'll open it up, I hope. Plenty of good stuff on the 2nd floor though, if you can't wait. :)
    Hi j. I didnt know pin museum was that close to where I live( Atlantic city new jersey) . I used to be asst. Mgr. At bally's Aladdin castle arcade. U had to clean the pinball machines. I remember cleaning funhouse. I think I killed Rudy? After u cleaned the pin & Rudy he wouldn't work. Also cleaned space shuttle took apart & the shuttle to clean &1 of the local litlle animals(kids) stole the space shuttle. Had to make one out if paper till one come in 3 weeks later. Have to
    Try to get to baltimore to get my pin fix.v
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