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  • Stuart I just wanted to mention something to you that I forgot to post yesterday. If you need anymore Beta testers for the Ipad 3 I would be more then willing to do some testing, I found a voice bug in Attack from mars and told Steve Ellenoff about it. He said you have a good ear in finding stuff pinball related, I wouldn't have to much problems with physics or looking at errors on the Playfield. I worked at a Dream Machine Arcade years ago and always fixed and cleaned the playfields to two pinball machines that you guys don't have yet (Hint, Hint) they are The Getaway: High Speed 2, and Fire! both made by Williams. I also have a bunch of Pinball Designers and Pinball Programmers on my Facebook page, so think about it and let me know I'm willing to give it a try and see what I can do for the Community to make these pinball Machines as real to life as I can. Thanks for reading, talk to you later.
    Since I see you like the Piano, have you checked out the APP called "Magic Piano" by a company called Smule. It isn't perfect piano playing, it's kinda like Dance Dance Revolution on a piano. They do have a mode where you can play a piano, you also get different sounds and other stuff to make your own songs seems like it. If you want my Game Center name is DAVID PANNOZZO, yeah I know my real name but it works, well talk to you soon.
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