AC/DC (stylised as ACϟDC) are an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1973 by Scottish-born brothers Malcolm and Angus Young.
  1. Medieval_Gofers

    Stern Pinball Arcade Prices in the UK Question

    Just picked up a new Ipad Air 2, and Stern Pinball Arcade was one of the first things I checked out. Loving Mustang, so I was going to get AC/DC, but all the prices are displayed in dollars (at $9.99), when I go to buy it, the app store tries to charge me £9.99 (the dollar price but in pounds)...
  2. S

    Am I missing something: table packs 53 & 54 revealed

    Star Trek & ACDC?!:D
  3. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 56: Stern Pinball App, or Rollercoaster Kickstarter?

    See for show notes (there's a lot of them), links, and timings. It's a huge episode.
  4. Sean DonCarlos

    Oh, the Horror of It All!

    Agony is draining on AC/DC with a 3X song jackpot worth 300 million points lit on the cannon. (For reference, the factory default replay score on AC/DC is 20 million.) Lyman, I know why you made the song jackpot reset each ball, and I agree it had to be done to keep the scoring under...
  5. Sean DonCarlos

    For Those About to Rock: AC/DC Premium/LE v1.65 Ruleset

    Hinweis für den deutschsprachigen Mitgliedern: Ein Mitglied dieses Forums hat die AC/DC-Regeln ins Deutsche übersetzt. Um zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte hier. LATEST UPDATE - 08/21/2013 Added a link to a German translation of this rulesheet, provided by "master of chaos", a member here. Thanks...
  6. Sean DonCarlos

    Don't They Make a Great Couple?

    As promised, the pair of machines in my living room. Note the white DMD on Twilight Zone...I might not even convert to multicolor once ColorDMD releases the ROM for TZ; the white is just too perfect. And yes, the AC/DC's DMD is the standard red and not orange...I think my phone's red-eye...
  7. Sean DonCarlos

    For Those About to...Fail?!

    So the shipping company, who shall remain nameless, that was supposed to get my AC/DC machine to me last week discovered that it was unable to get a 18-wheeler to my house. Seriously, in this day and age with GPS and Google Maps and what have you, no one thought to look up my address and think...
  8. Sean DonCarlos

    For Those About to Rock, Part II

    Just a quick note to clear up a minor mystery in the AC/DC strategy thread, when I said testing was about to become easier. Yes, my TZ will soon have someone to talk to while I'm at work: a new-in-box AC/DC Premium! This will also give me something to play while the TZ is getting an electrical...
  9. Sean DonCarlos

    Ten (Real) Machines to Play Before You Die

    It occurred to me earlier today that for all the blogging and posting I've done, I've never really done a list of my favorite machines. That stunning omission is about to be corrected! The 10 machines below are kind of an eclectic mix, although heavy on the 90s Williams/Ballys, and I'm...
  10. Sean DonCarlos

    For Those About to Rock...But Who Aren't Sure How

    Alright, I've distilled my knowledge about AC/DC's ruleset, such as it is, in the Real Pinball section of the forum. Or use the convenient link below. :D AC/DC LE Ruleset Explanation and Basic Strategies Enjoy!
  11. Sean DonCarlos

    [OLD] AC/DC LE Ruleset Explanation and Basic Strategies

    EDIT 06/18/2013: There is an updated and far more accurate ruleset available here. Several forum members have indicated at various points that they find AC/DC confusing because they do not know its ruleset. Since there are not really any rulesets available online, the game does not always do a...

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