addams family

  1. Pinballwiz45b

    The Pinball Show S2E10 -- ADDAMS FAMILY?!

    Heretic was right. Last month's news was also a new Zen Original -- Wrath of the Elder Gods.
  2. W

    Purchasing TAF Gold

    Now that "The Addams Family" has been out a while, is there going to be a way for non kickstarter contributors to purchase the gold version?
  3. Sean DonCarlos

    Ten (Real) Machines to Play Before You Die

    It occurred to me earlier today that for all the blogging and posting I've done, I've never really done a list of my favorite machines. That stunning omission is about to be corrected! The 10 machines below are kind of an eclectic mix, although heavy on the 90s Williams/Ballys, and I'm...
  4. Mega

    Request The Addams Family (videos)

    I know the devs are already looking into this one, and that licensing will be hard/expensive because it involves a TV show, a movie, actors voices, music, and of course the pinball game itself. But it is my most all-time favorite table. I know it will be a top seller, and therefore worth any...

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