1. Arcooda

    Arcooda Pinball

    Hi Everyone, We know it has been some time since you have heard from us. There is a lot of work which has been happening in the background, which we are now in a position to share with the community. In the last few months, we’ve been posting a lot about our history and the problems that have...
  2. Arcooda

    Arcooda Introduces the Dynasty Vertical Pinball Machine

    We have kickstarted our Arcooda Video Pinball: Take 2 Relaunch with the introduction of a new, versatile machine; the Dynasty Vertical Pinball machine. The Dynasty Vertical Pinball machine takes a horizontal video pinball machine and turns it into a space-saving alternative. It adds its own...
  3. Arcooda

    Kinect Support for Free to all Arcooda Pinball Arcade Customers

    We have now finished Kinect support for our Generic standalone customers and customers should have received an email with information on how to update their current software. Please note that there are minimum user requirements (such as Windows 10, Kinect V2 drivers/etc, and XBOX One camera) but...
  4. GAH1068

    Arcooda - prompting for Key again. Anyone else?

    Arcooda I made a small change to the position of the virtual DMD on my system using the config tool. I am now being prompted to enter my license key on startup. I had been running without issue until I made this tiny change.. I have rentered the key 4-5 times ago but keeps coming back as...
  5. Arcooda

    Wanted: Computer Programmers / Hardware Designers / Gamers!

    We have a number of projects underway, all of which need time and dedicated people. Currently we are looking to create a community of tinkerers, hobbists, and gaming enthusiasts who can work in their own spare time on various Arcooda projects. This could be anything from working on software...
  6. Arcooda

    Wanted: Artwork & Designers

    We are coming close to releasing both the standalone cabinet software for generic cabinets, as well as for the Arcooda cabinet project. But, we need your help. We have not been able to locate/receive quality images to finish backglass, cabinet stickers, and various other artwork. If you can...
  7. G

    Arcooda/Highway Survey

    Got a survey link emailed from an Arcooda email address. First part was "how do you like the software, which one did you purchase" which shows lack of preparation, as they know precisely which software each customer purchased. Second part was "what other pinball/arcade stuff do you own". Last...
  8. Arcooda

    Arcooda Pinball Factory Discussions

    Welcome to discuss any questions directly with Arcooda factory here. We will do our best to reply to all questions.
  9. Cabinet Mode for TPA via Arcooda Software

    Cabinet Mode for TPA via Arcooda Software

    FarSight has been working on custom software with Arcooda, makers of video pinball cabinets. This is the cabinet mode many have been clamoring for, but it's no mere camera angle port. Unfortunately the announcement of the loss of the WMS license has put a huge kink in Arcooda's plans, mainly...

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