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May 8, 2018
Hi Everyone,

We know it has been some time since you have heard from us. There is a lot of work which has been happening in the background, which we are now in a position to share with the community. In the last few months, we’ve been posting a lot about our history and the problems that have hindered us over on our social media channels.

We needed to go backwards to explain why our products did not make the market. It hurt us when we kept sharing our information and sending our products to 3rd parties only to find that we failed. More importantly, it hurt our customers and kept delaying the products reaching the market. When COVID arrived and our Korean partner closed, it put us back tremendously.

This is all the bad stuff over. Now the good stuff.

Arcooda Pinball is more than we announced at the launch of our work. It’s a completely new vision for the way pinball tables are designed, sold, manufactured. We also have a completely new coin-op business model that we believe will bring fresh income to game operators.

It’s a fully INCLUSIVE system, and we invite everyone to join us, whether you are a designer, manufacturer, distributor etc… our systems are fully open, where people passionate about pinball can share their projects to the community and get their ideas into the market.

For more information, please view or follow our social media where we will be posting regular updates.

Shortly, we will be looking to hire staff to work with us at Arcooda Pinball for media, customer service, programmers/coding and more. If this is of interest, please contact our office at

Please also feel free to ask any questions.

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