1. L

    My platinum membership vanished

    I bought the Platinum membership on the 31st of May, I thought it was a great deal and it unlocked all the award tables, which are still unlocked now. Just now the House of Diamonds 2017 table came out and shows as buyable, so I checked the Zaccaria DLC, and the Platinum membership also shows up...
  2. N

    Ghostbusters for pc?

    Hello guys, I have a question. I usually play with the great table of ghostbusters for iOS. Be careful not ghostbusters LE by stern but only ghostbusters. Is not considered inside season pack and you have to download it as standaolne app and you could play only if you have tokens: tokens...
  3. Bethesda DLC tables released

    Bethesda DLC tables released

    Zen Studios release their newest addition to their pinball game on Xbox, PSN, Steam, Mac and Windows 10 today. It's already live on Steam. This table pack features 3 tables inspired by popular Bethesda franchises: DOOM The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fallout Mobile platforms will see this...
  4. P

    Suggestion to improve the DLC structure

    After looking at the DLC structure, this is what I'd like to see it changed to. Table packs Core table pack Table pack 1 Table pack 2 Table pack 3 .... Table pack 21 (when it releases) Season passes Season 1 pass Season 2 pass Season 3 pass (when it releases) Custom ball packs Season 1 ball...
  5. P

    ATTENTION FarSight Studios! Regarding the trophy limit on PS3

    Hi all, first time posting here, and probably last. I'm a long time lurker here. Just wanted to mention something on this forum I had posted over on Sony's blog, but I figured the FarSight team would probably never see it over there. So anyway, trophies aren't really a big deal, and I'll...
  6. Sinistar

    IS it next week yet?

    October 16 , PSN North America store , another potential update , and 2 more tables !!! Harley Davidson and Taxi (honk honk ) . I hope that these tables sell better than previous DLCs , and that FarSight recognises a need to do more car/vehicle pack DLC. Roadshow , HighSpeed 1 and 2 , F-14 ...
  7. A

    DLC available on other Android devices for free? Or re-purchase required?

    Hi I bought all the DLC packs on an Android smartphone. I have just bought a Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet and linked it to the same Gmail account. Yet TBA on the tablet does not recognise the DLC I purchased on my smartphone. Is this correct? Do I need to upset my wallet once more to purchase these...
  8. M

    New DLC Doesn't Show Up on Vita

    I just downloaded the latest DLC for the Vita. It claims to install but fails to show up when I start the game. I can see Medieval Madness and Bride of Pinbot, but not Funhouse or Cirqus Voltaire. I tried redownloading the Pinball Arcade demo but it didn't make any difference. Anyone have any...
  9. Pericles

    Is Sony supporting TPA as well as it should?

    Everywhere I look today, I see nothing about the dlc. Looking on PSN, I only see a vague reference to Zen. Now I know the PSN updates at some arcane time tied to GMT, but shouldn't there be a hint or something? Of course I am interested in Zen, but TPA is the BALLZ! I mean, they are emulating...
  10. Pericles

    Request May / June DLC

    Dear Farsight, I am not posting to complain, I am just dying to have MORE fun! I only own a Vita and I play TPA more than any other game I own. I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY! I noticed that PSN has just posted a demo. Is there some hidden place I can buy the dlc on P$N? I'm jonseing man! Help a...

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