1. Pinballwiz45b

    The Pinball Show S2E10 -- ADDAMS FAMILY?!

    Heretic was right. Last month's news was also a new Zen Original -- Wrath of the Elder Gods.
  2. O

    Some sort of misunderstanding?

    There seems to be some sort of misunderstanding about TPA over at Steam. To explain, each member of my family have their own side of the family computer, where each of us do our own emails and searches and so on. And when we download video games, each game we download appears on each of our own...
  3. Mega

    Request The Addams Family (videos)

    I know the devs are already looking into this one, and that licensing will be hard/expensive because it involves a TV show, a movie, actors voices, music, and of course the pinball game itself. But it is my most all-time favorite table. I know it will be a top seller, and therefore worth any...

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