1. Grant

    New Feature: Pinball DB

    Hello all I'd like to mention a new feature I've been working on for the site: https://digitalpinballfans.com/tables/ It's a work in progress, but the aim is to have a database of every digital pinball table, with each one being reviewable. Ideally I'd like to make it so that any established...
  2. H

    Request adjust the table and the parts

    Would you like to be able to set: the angle of the table flipper strength coils or any other attributes that are available to customize on real pins?
  3. H

    Request Add the table to favs

    This simple feature would make a lot of people happy. For those who buy many tables it takes time to browse the entire list of tables. Why not to make it possible to add a table to favorites or even better, allow to make customized folders with different tables.
  4. enduser2941

    General Feature Request, unless someone knows of a better way

    Hey Pinball Arcade Gods!! I was wondering if there was anyway that you could add an option to the top level for all the tables that would somehow allow for the user to disable all hard buttons on a droid device? I am asking this as I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and I play all my tables in...

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