1. C

    Any way to unmap mouse button from flippers?

    Hi, The Steam version is working great in most respects, but I find it incredibly irritating(as well as inauthentic) that when I want to use the mouse for the plunger, it also activates the flipper. I am near certain I used to have it set up to not do this, but there seems to be no option to...
  2. A

    Flipper Problem on Galaxy Note 10.1

    I have been having problems with a flipper (mainly right) lagging, sticking, and freezing in the up position. It happens on multiple tables (recently happened on Cirqus Voltaire, WhoDunnit, Ripley's, Scared Stiff, but has happened on others). Happened in the past very rarely, never enough to...
  3. enduser2941

    Severe delay in Flippers

    Okies, So I have a slight issue that I so far have only noticed in Twilight Zone, but it causes a serious problem with playing the table. The problem is in TZ, when I hit the flipper, there is like a half second delay from when I hit the button for the flippers, to when the flippers actually...
  4. enduser2941

    Bug Possible Flipper bug Android Tablet

    Hey guys, I am not sure if this is a bug in the game or an issue with my tablet, but here is my problem. When I play most tables, I have a problem with the left flipper. When I tab the screen on the left side to make the flipper flip, it flips up then drops back down immediately but ONLY when...

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