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    Demo IPAD pinball machine

    Alpha demo of our upcoming mini pinball machine playing Zen Williams pinball. You can slide in your own Ipad. Plunger and button support. Works with all existing pinball software.
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    Pinball Poker Tournament - Las Vegas, NV

    Pinball Poker Run April 22nd, 2013 Practice play opens at 4:30pm Registration opens at 5pm till 5:55pm Tournament start time at 6pm WPPR points $20.00 buy-in Games on Free play 1st place 50% 2nd place 30% 3rd place 15% 4th place 5% Poker portion - Prizes awarded to top 4 poker hands! Round 1...
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    pimp my pin star wars

    Hi everybody, have you seen this fun video ??? More videos on Bye !
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    The FlipperGubben must be a big place!

    The Flippergubben (The Pinball Man?) at Kronobergsgatan 19A, Stockholm, Sweden, must be a pretty big pinball parlour - they have about 60 pinball machines in there to choose from! (Anyone know of a pinball parlour with even more machines?)

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