missing tables

  1. M

    Season 5 error

    I tried to buy Season 5 and 6 today. ALL the tables for Season 6 came up but the following are already delisted: I thought I had two weeks left and they are still listed on the Season 5 menu. El Dorado Fireball Hurricane Judge Dredd Last Action Hero No Fear: Dangerous Sports Rescue 911...
  2. moonmaiden174

    Poor Little Xboxy-woxy!

    Spare a thought for those who are stuck with only the Xbox version! They've only got up to "No Fear" and are missing out on: (Season 5) Judge Dredd El Dorado (EM) Fireball Hurricane Rescue 911 Last Action Hero Tx-Sector (Season 6) Indianapolis Big Hurt Eight Ball Deluxe Doctor Who Yes that's...
  3. T

    10+ missing Zaccaria tables

    There are 10+ missing tables. There are copyright concerns for Tropical, Top Hand and Granada. Although I do not if justified. New Star's Phoenix is just a variation of Star's Phoenix but I would like to see this machine as a bonus table. There is not material yet for Red Show. Hopefully we...
  4. BrentMpls

    Missing Tables - very frustrated!

    Hello, I haven't played in a while and fired up the game today to find that most of my tables are missing. I have all of what is now called season 1. The whole star trek kickstarted was such a debacle with not getting access I was hesitant to support another one, even though the Twilight...