1. GAH1068

    Starting new Classic - Arcade mode from Front End

    Just a quick heads up. I just watched Spacie's newest video regarding the FX3 Willams tables. He is direct launching the tables from PBX but wasn't aware of the -class parameter. Using this at startup you can go right to Classic Single Player - Arcade without messing around in the menus. I...
  2. M

    Post passing?

    Anyone pulled it off? I might suck at pinball (well... alright, I do suck at pinball), but I'm not convinced it's possible in Zacc. Hoping it's on the roadmap - other things like drop catches look amazing, and would be the cherry on the cake for a true simulator, but post passes seem fairly...
  3. L

    Request PS4: Better physics and/or graphics vs 3D capability.

    Hello everyone. Farsight plans to eventually give us 3d capability. This means the game will be rendered at 120 frames per second (fps) in order to present the game in 3d at 60 fps. We can glean from this that the PS4 has more headroom and is indeed capable of pushing more, graphically speaking...
  4. C

    Bug Ball/Lamp physics on PC

    I haven't seen this in the bug compilation and there is no search result for physics bug. BUG = When the ball travels slowly and hits the lamp weakly, the lamp sometime spins like it's been hit by a very hard hit. It spins around very much (it's kindof good bug because one can appreciate it but...
  5. Vinc3Has3

    Zaccaria Pinball - Favorite Physics Settngs?

    Since the 1.3 and 1.4 updates, has anyone come up with some favorite settings? Have you slowed down the ball, changed the machine tilt, etc.? What's working for you, and with which machines? Any thoughts about any of the specific settings, and their positive or negative impact on realism? What...

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