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  1. Pinballwiz45b

    The Pinball Show S2E10 -- ADDAMS FAMILY?!

    Heretic was right. Last month's news was also a new Zen Original -- Wrath of the Elder Gods.
  2. Pinballwiz45b

    Pinball Show S2 E8 - World Cup Soccer

    2nd time this table has been done, first time completely licensed and authentic. What an announcement. Let's see what Zen does for the Magna Save and Extra Ball buttons. Both are crucial.
  3. Grant

    Zen Studio’s The Pinball Show - September 2022 : reactions and feedback

    A new Pinball Show arrives later today - use this thread for reactions and feedback (or what announcements you’d like)
  4. M

    PinFest 2014 - Allentown, PA

    I've been waiting for someone to make this thread, but they haven't, so I will. PinFest was a lot of fun last year, with a good amount of vendors with some cool pinball items and parts, and lots of tables to play. They have even more space this year. PinFest is May 2 and 3 this year - Friday...

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