1. R

    Who Did it better? MINIMUM WAGE

    Who did a better job capturing a low paying job?
  2. MonkeyGrass

    My tribute to Python Anghelo

    Some of you may remember my post from a couple months ago, when I had set up a deal on a Williams Blackout, only to have the seller pull it out from underneath my feet 12 hrs before I was to pick it up. I was upset at the time, but as many of you pointed out - things happen for a reason and...
  3. N

    Request Saved jackpots

    I would be surprised if this hasn't already been discussed on here, but I just spent 10 minutes searching and couldn't find anything. I have an iPad 4 with about a dozen purchased tables on Pinball Arcade free. I tend to not play many games with jackpots but I play Taxi a lot. But if I "exit"...
  4. phreaker47

    Request 100 Million HAS to equal cheater, doesn't it?

    Someone (something like azr07) posted over one hundred million on this table (almost exactly). It's as if he found a way to just play forever, and decided to quit right then. It was also done on mobile, and we all know if there's anything that you can cheat with, it's IOS or Android (via...

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