1. P

    Can't download BK2K from Vita store

    So I got the Season 3 pass and all of the other tables downloaded fine, but for some reason I can't get the "download" button to come up for BK2K. Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. spoonman

    PS3 - Request "Cross-Controller" will this be supported?

    Is there any chance Farsight will be taking advantage if the new Cross-Controller feature of the PS3/Vita functionality that's being added next week? With Farsight already supporting Cross-buy between the two platforms, this seems like an obvious step. For those who don't know what it is...
  3. T

    PS Vita - Request What's the hold-up?

    Ive got the first four games on my Vita, (TotAN, RBIoN, BH, ToM) but no Challenge Mode or Tournament Mode is available so far, and no further tables are available yet. Are others experiencing these delays or is it just in my area?
  4. Sinistar

    PS Vita PS Vita Monster Bash table textures ultra low res

    refer to my video @ 5:36 the table frame textures for Monster Bash appear to be unfinished roughs with no straight corners , polished aluminum , the frame is grey and blurred on all four table corners . The table interior is gorgeous and superb, which is main reason no one has brought it up or...
  5. M

    New DLC Doesn't Show Up on Vita

    I just downloaded the latest DLC for the Vita. It claims to install but fails to show up when I start the game. I can see Medieval Madness and Bride of Pinbot, but not Funhouse or Cirqus Voltaire. I tried redownloading the Pinball Arcade demo but it didn't make any difference. Anyone have any...
  6. Pericles

    Is Sony supporting TPA as well as it should?

    Everywhere I look today, I see nothing about the dlc. Looking on PSN, I only see a vague reference to Zen. Now I know the PSN updates at some arcane time tied to GMT, but shouldn't there be a hint or something? Of course I am interested in Zen, but TPA is the BALLZ! I mean, they are emulating...
  7. Pericles

    Request May / June DLC

    Dear Farsight, I am not posting to complain, I am just dying to have MORE fun! I only own a Vita and I play TPA more than any other game I own. I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY! I noticed that PSN has just posted a demo. Is there some hidden place I can buy the dlc on P$N? I'm jonseing man! Help a...

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