wizard goals

  1. spoonman

    Bug Scared Stiff - I completed all Wizard Goals, received the trophy, but...

    I finally finished the last needed Wizard goal for Scared Stiff, "Activate Spider Mania", which took me years to do. I received the trophy for completing all of the goals, but now I just booted it up again and it shows that I still need to complete "Activate Spider Mania" again!! I'm definitely...
  2. M

    Which table did you first beat the Wizard goals on? Why that table?

    I've just beaten Centaur's last goal (the five ball multiball). I think some luck was involved in getting through it that fast - I'm not very good, though I played a fair bit of Pinball Dreams / Fantasies back in the day... I love the table. I love the unique Gigeresque biomechanical theme...
  3. Xanija

    Xanija's Highscores Android

    Click here for my High Scores on PC Table:Highscore:Wizard goals Addams Family501.605.6603 Attack from Mars18.599.099.6002 Big Shot96.3204 Black Hole1.278.4305 Black Knight1.810.9003 Black Knight 200010.467.1704 Black Rose354.488.3703 Bram Stoker's Dracula2.903.689.5602 Bride of...
  4. spoonman

    Need advice on Circus Voltaire... Badly!

    I thought I was pretty good at pinball until I started playing this table! I've obtained all of the Wizard goals in the first 6 TPA tables (with exception of RBION Atlantis/FF), But after hours of play I can't complete a single Wizard goal in CV?!? What is wrong with me?? Are the Wizard goals...
  5. Brandon Debes

    Standard and Wizard Table Goals Master List & Hall of Fame Scores

    Below is a list of every table goal in The Pinball Arcade. Links point to guides and tips on completing the goals. If you’d like to offer help to others on a goal you’ve completed, just type it up here or post a link to an external write-up, and I will edit it into the OP. Hopefully we can...
  6. Abdullah786

    All standard and wizard goals on all tables club!!!!!!!

    Just finished getting video mode on MM which was the last one I needed and now I have all goals for all tables, at least the available ones on PS Vita. Who else, or even who is close and could use some tips???

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