1. seattlemark

    Pinball Wizard and TPA

    Way back when TPA for PC was in Beta, in Aug. 2013 Karl had started the Beta sub-forum thread at http://digitalpinballfans.com/showthread.php/5430-No-Pinball-Wizard-Support?p=96012&viewfull=1#post96012 asking about TPA support for the "Pinball Wizard" from Nanotech. The current manufacturer...
  2. etchie

    Wizard goals for Bride of Pinbot

    I'm on the last one where I have to score at least 600,000 point from the Pinbot value. I realize that what makes this difficult is that when you shoot the ramp to get there, most of the time it goes toward the bride for the main objective. The only strategy I can think of is to purposely lose...
  3. M

    Which table did you first beat the Wizard goals on? Why that table?

    I've just beaten Centaur's last goal (the five ball multiball). I think some luck was involved in getting through it that fast - I'm not very good, though I played a fair bit of Pinball Dreams / Fantasies back in the day... I love the table. I love the unique Gigeresque biomechanical theme...
  4. enduser2941

    Wizard Goals and Hall of fame points??

    Hey guys, I have a question about the two subject items. How are the Hall of fame points calculated? I'll give you an example of what I am looking to understand. I was playing a bunch of tabled tonight and one table (Going Nuts) I never get award any points on, regardless of my points in game...
  5. Tann

    Strategy guide to reach easily 3M points

    Strategy guide to reach "easily" 3M points Hello Pinball Fans! Since last week, I worked to get this famous wizard goal, because I wanted it to be done before the release of the PS3 megapatch (previously before Christmas, now delayed to January...) Whatever, playing "wildly" (I thought that...

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