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  1. Pinball FX console launch is confirmed for February 16th 2023

    Pinball FX console launch is confirmed for February 16th 2023

    Zen Studios have finally announced a date for when Pinball FX will launch on consoles. The game is coming out February 16 on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4 and PS5 and will also be leaving Early Access on the Epic Games Store. More than 80 tables will be available at launch including Marvel...
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    Bug I can't buy Sorcerer for TPA on Xbox One. Plz fix before June 30th!

    Ever since the rest of season 7 released to XBO last week, I haven't been able to buy this separately as an error message says that the corresponding store item page isn't available. I can't even find the DLC on the webstore. I don't want to buy the whole season bundle just to get this great...
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    Table Releases

    I just recently bought TPA and seasons 1-3. I haven't bought season 4 yet and am wondering, since TAF there have been no more tables released for Xbone but 3(Cyclone, Jackbot and Xenon) have been released. Just curious, how far behind is Xbone on table releases usually?
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    Purchasing TAF Gold

    Now that "The Addams Family" has been out a while, is there going to be a way for non kickstarter contributors to purchase the gold version?

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