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  1. Zen to launch multiplayer mode, "Pinball Royale", and are looking for beta testers

    Zen to launch multiplayer mode, "Pinball Royale", and are looking for beta testers

    Zen are looking for beta testers to help fine-tune their upcoming new multiplayer game mode, "Pinball Royale" They are looking for around 100 pinball players from all walks of life and various seriousness about the hobby. Anyone from occasional players from seasoned veterans can apply. An Epic...
  2. msilcommand

    Hotseat multiple controller support?

    When I am playing hotseat games with my wife, it is a hassle passing the controller back and forth. I would love to see Zen at least add a Guest controller mode, so we don't have to pass the controller around, or shut off/start up controllers each time. I am not talking split screen...
  3. msilcommand

    Multiplayer pinball tables/modes ideas

    I have seen some old ideas of multiplayer tables, where the table is like a soccer field, with flippers on each end, and players try to score on each other. Maybe if done in an exciting way, with cool stuff going on in the middle, this could be fun. My idea is a bit different. I would like to...
  4. msilcommand

    Best vertical monitor size?

    I run a 24' vertical monitor. Asus VG245H: 1080p, 75hz, 1ms. It looks pretty good, but on some tables the outer edges of the tables are cut off. It mostly affects habitrails that go out wide, which doesn't affect the gameplay, but I have been wondering if a 27' vertical monitor might be the...
  5. msilcommand

    How do you feel about the sound quality?

    Zen went with a clean stereo sound for their Williams tables, rather than the nostalgic, semi-distorted boxy sound of a live machine that Farsight went with. I like both, personally. I think both approaches fit the style and experience of each game.
  6. msilcommand

    Any word on Southpark and Super League making it into FX3?

    I thought there was talk last year of them being brought back, but haven't heard anything since. Two fun tables.
  7. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade #162: A Unified Experience

    In software development, running experiments to test out hypotheses is an important part of product management and product development. We've already worked out that Zen Studios has been doing this for a while on mobile. They were testing out their free-to-play models on mobile, so they could...
  8. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 80: Take the Challenge, Brave One

    http://shoutengine.com/BlahCadePodcast/take-the-challenge-brave-one-26803 (Shout Engine) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/blahcade-podcast/id1039748922?mt=2 (iTunes) This DLC contains the following new features: news on Farsight table releases news on Zen Studios table releases...
  9. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 41: Zen Studios Star Wars Tables

    LinksStream/Download/RSS: http://shoutengine.com/BlahCadePodcast/zen-studios-star-wars-tables-15594 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/blahcade-podcast/id1039748922?mt=2 Blab.im: https://blab.im/BlahCade T-shirts: https://represent.com/blahcade-shirt SummaryThere is so much...
  10. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 33: Zen Interview Retrospective

    Stream/Download/RSS: http://shoutengine.com/BlahCadePodcast/zen-interview-retrospective-14111 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/blahcade-podcast/id1039748922?mt=2 Blab: https://blab.im/BlahCade We ease into this week’s BlahCade gently with some random talk. Then it’s right into the...
  11. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 29: 38 Weeks Old. Next week: Brains

    Stream/RSS/Download: http://shoutengine.com/BlahCadePodcast/38-weeks-old-next-week-brains-13658 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/blahcade-podcast/id1039748922?mt=2 Blab.im: https://blab.im/BlahCade Yep, that’s right. It has been thirty-eight weeks since Chris kicked off this little...
  12. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 27: Ten Seconds or Less and No Farts

    Stream/Download/RSS: http://shoutengine.com/BlahCadePodcast/ten-seconds-or-less-and-no-farts-13136 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/blahcade-podcast/id1039748922?mt=2 Blab.im: https://blab.im/BlahCade It’s a full compliment of ‘caders today with Chris, Jared and Kay. We talk about...

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