Ashes to Ashes

In many of my previous posts, I've mentioned the Third Rail Bar & Grill in Pacific, MO. The Third Rail hosted the league I've played in for a couple of seasons now, had the most immaculately-maintained collection of new Stern LE machines I've ever seen or heard tell of, and was kind of your unpretentious small-town bar, except it did better food and drinks than most. I've always encouraged anyone in the area or even visiting to stop by.

I'm afraid you'll no longer be able to do that. The Third Rail had a fire on New Year's Day, and while the outside structure is still intact, the inside is completely destroyed. Thankfully the fire occurred when no one was in the building; therefore no one was hurt. Somewhat less importantly but still thankfully, all but 2 of the pinball machines were also not in the building; they had been removed to allow for holiday parties. So somewhere up in pinball heaven now sit a Silver Slugger and a Bally Playboy.

No word yet on if the owner is going to try to rebuild or not. Hopefully he does; it was a good place, and I'm sad to see it go.


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Jun 4, 2012
wow man what a ****ty thing to happen, ever thought of doing some kind of funraiser to help the guys out, i checked the facdbook page seemed like a place i could hang.

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