Bug I cannot purchase TAF ball pack. error 2003 invalid SKU


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Jun 30, 2013
So I hear through the grapevine that Ouya may be getting bought out, and am reminded to boot up my little pinball simulator and download all the table updates, which I have neglected to do over the last few months (yes, this is literally the first time I've booted my Ouya since January as I have been super busy with school). All the season 4 tables released so far were instantly granted since I bought the season 4 basic pass. I only needed to logout and relogin to Farsight in order to unlock Pro mode for Addams Family bronze backer. Everything went without a hitch. Updated all the tables that needed updates. Didn't need to spend a dime on anything.

Well I check on the ball packs and there are new balls for TAF. Being the OCD person that I am, I attempt to purchase the TAF ballpack and after inputting my pin I get error 2003 Invalid SKU. This has popped up after multiple attempts. My credit card and pin # are 100% valid so I'm sure the error exists between Ouya and Farsight and not on my end.

Please help.
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